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  1. He always does good his first year on a new team, I'll bring him in on a min deal.
  2. Sounds like things starting to turn.
  3. Looks like we are unprepared as usual, in these joint practices.
  4. I remember Dolphins media were talking how big their team dominated the Panthers in practice the year they went 15-1. You don't always hear the full story in these tweets.
  5. Sounds like the Jets need to lower his price.
  6. To be fair, it was zero blitz after zero blitz going after Corral, not an easy place to start your first game lol.
  7. Agree, a little concerning to me. I hope to see him bounce back, but that was as rough of a debut as I've ever seen.
  8. I thought it was quite complementary since he spent the majority of the game complaining about washington getting dominated.
  9. On the subject of Matt's performance though, I wonder how much him being rattled had to do with that hospital ball he through that took Kirkwood out. He seem to becomes much less decesive after that throw, like he couldn't put it behind him. Just some thoughts after review.
  10. I can tell you what I want to see less of.. Sam Darnold and PJ Walker.
  11. I think reps will change significantly over the next week. Bad first game, but it isn't the end of the world, there have been plenty of guys that had rough debuts that ended up being pretty good. Regardless, I think the Bake show will give him plenty of time to get there.
  12. I mean, the Panthers D have pretty much dominated this game.
  13. 1. It's not going happen because Matt would be instantly picked up by another teams. 2. We gave up next year's 3 for Matt, we didn't do that to sit him on the practice squad. 3. Initial depth chart is never reflective of the opening day depth chart. 4. Everyone calm down!
  14. I would eat 15 million of that contract for a 7th rounder? Why not, just dump him.
  15. For the most part there haven't been that many picks in camp.
  16. What updates? It's like one small detail every 30 minutes.
  17. Man NFL has really killed the training camps exp, used to get tons of videos and updates, now you get hardly anything.
  18. Sam with the 1s in 9 vs 7, I'm officially on the I don't get it bandwagon.
  19. Heard that Matt Corral already had the coffee ready for the entire team this morning. What a guy.
  20. Just waking up to see that Matt Corral already made my bed. What a guy.
  21. Hey, that one more highlight than we've seen of Matt Corral lol.
  22. "my career rests on this man's shoulder..."
  23. A wet fart inside the shower to a wet fart out of the shower.
  24. Quinn Ewers is the kids name.
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