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  1. Our soccer team is have a good season.
  2. Keenan Allen was one if those head scratchers where he was so obviously a first round pick that I'm still baffled how he fell that far and we didn't draft him.
  3. Currently, Shaq Thompson. All time Chris Gamble.
  4. To bad, but we should do whatever it takes and land KDB - all though I've read San Diego is looking to get him.
  5. This, OTA's at this point are a meaningless sign. Now if it's the same thing in pre-season, I think you'll have a good idea of how things will start out. Not to say there aren't outliers, like Cam Newton, but disorganization and sloppy play seems like it carries over with most rookies.
  6. The man can get up. Red zone threat for sure.
  7. Rangers gameplay is to beat the crap put of the hurricanes to wear them out the next game. We are taking a lot of hits.
  8. 2025 QB draft is like the Kenny Pickett draft, you might as well hope Bryce wins you 8 games enough to keep him around 1 extra year so we can maybe get a good QB in 2026.
  9. Building Bryces confidence is gonna be key. He needs to have soke strong starts early in the season if he is gonna move forward.
  10. The fact that we spent some near 150 million + on the line in free agency makes me feel okay that we didn't draft one in the 6th round.
  11. The Detroit lions spent the number 12 pick on a 5'8" 185 lb running back last year and the running game is a gigantic part of thier offense. Are they old school?
  12. I betting Ewers will be consensus number 1 by the end of the year.
  13. I think Gilmore will be ab addition. With that said I think, barring the developments of the offense, Defense will be looked at very heavily next year.
  14. I think Canales has been pretty clear in every presser about what he wants the team, or rather the offense to look like.
  15. I think 2nd round to get the number 1 running back was a great pick, especially considering we traded back and got another 2. That being said, DeJean was there and I would have taken him with that pick if it were me. I like X, I think he was the best available, better thant Colemon and Mitchell. I would have liked Franklin as a Diontae clone, but if they are banking on a bug year from Johnson and are planning to extend him, I get it. I like the TE, but the rest I admit I don't really follow the late rounds so it is what it is. Overall a B- from me.
  16. Get ready for someone you have never heard of
  17. We got big blocking tight ends, we need a guy who can get open and catch This guy does that.
  18. TJ Tampa in the fifth and yeah boy.
  19. I think it should be Troy Franklin, by all accounts a Dionte Johnson clone, and who better to mentor him that Diontae himself.
  20. Go look at the visit list, it's likely one of those.
  21. Troy Franklin or mitchell and our weapons are looking good
  22. wouldn't be mad though, dawgs on the line never hurts. Fix the Trenches, we've been saying for years. I still am hoping DeJean drops and we take him though.
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