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  1. But he is measured at 5'10 1/8 officially, so even saying that is disingenuous. Kyler Murray is also 5'10 1/8, so he's not even the only QB in the NFL who is currently that height.
  2. 5'2"... I mean is the guy an elementary student. You don't have to insult some one to male a point, especially when everyone understands the guy is shorter than 90% of QBs. Lame sauce this one.
  3. I prefer Canales to both, I think Canales would be a fine head coach.
  4. I love Canales, would be thrilled.
  5. But dang, Brandon Miller was the right pick.
  6. This is not true - for most of the season the Panthers held more offensive possession than their opponents. Which is why we couldn't score, it took 27 play 13 minute drives to get to the endzone.
  7. I think the only defensive coach that could possible be hired is Evero, and that is unlikely. High probability it is one of Johnson, Monken, and Canales, with a very very outside shot of Evero or Morris.
  8. I hope we are able to retain caldwell, we could certainly used his professionalism in the building.
  9. Waldron was a hot name last year, surprised it didn't turn into HC opportunities.
  10. Dang, tepper should have offered Lamar a 4 contract with like 95% garaunteed.
  11. Imagine this, whoever we hire brings Joe Brady as his OC. Would Joe even consider it? Lol
  12. They got antsy last year and ended up with Reich. Don't see that happening this year.
  13. Nah, Tepper's number 1 guy is Johnson, no ways he hires a coach with out talking to Ben first.
  14. Dude is a HOFer, get him here for a year or 2 with Bryce lol
  15. Actually, happy for Todd Bowles too, what a way to save your job. Coached his butt off this year.
  16. We are, missed on our Drew Brees gift. Thanks Rhule.
  17. To be honest this was a reply to the other dude and miss clicked the quote cause I read your reply first. But apologies if the conversation triggered you.
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