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  1. To be fair, the expectation has always been 3. His 7 year contract has nothing to do with that number.
  2. I mean, Ron is a slightly above average QB away from a contender. If he can hit on the QB market this off season, the WFT will be in good shape.
  3. We should have aged Grier last year, at least we would be having a bad season with Lawrence and some hope to go with it.
  4. After Washington's field goal to go up 24-21, our first play resulting in a holding call to put at 1&20. The amount of times this has happened since training camp is staggering and is really the biggest failure of our staff. Well coached football don't put themselves in that position on seemingly every possession.
  5. Pretty sure Cam himself said in an interview the he told Rhule, that would be the only one. I don't think this is even worth the story.
  6. No, maybe another 1 year deal to mentor the rookie we take in the draft, but I can't foresee a long term deal regardless
  7. Thought Howell looked really good, Picket is accurate too, but didn't seem to handle pressure as well. Still like Willis, Howell, and Strong the best.
  8. I have way more confidence that Cam can get it to a receiver or run it in, than I do in Darnold.
  9. CB has been a huge pain point for years. Rhule and co. Saw that, we complained about for over 5 years, regardless of whether Henderson turns out to be an average player or gets it together, no one is going be worrying about our secondary for while. I'm still on the wait and see, but losing a second and third round pick is not the end of the world, for a team that is objectively a QB away.
  10. Picketts stats are so inconsistent, first 3 years dreadful, this year good. At least Howells are consistent from year to year, as well as Strong's. Give me one of those two.
  11. At least this demonstrates that the relationship wasn't as broken as many thought.
  12. If we do sign him, we might as well use him to mentor Howell, Strong or Pickett next year.
  13. I think Corral will be out of reach, but with the other options I would be happy with one of strong, Willis or Howell.
  14. I mean, at least he recognizes it and is willing to move on quickly. And to be fair, the man wanted Stafford and Watson first. I think everyone would take Stafford for the next 5 years.
  15. I think if he meddles there is a 95% chance Watson is your QB next year, whether you like it or not... Personally I'd prefer a rookie instead of that drama, but that just what I think.
  16. We should have drafted fields this year, and sat his ass behind Darnold for 5 or 6 games.
  17. I am now on the Howell train. Draft him, develop him, use cap on O Line.
  18. I don't really care who's assignment that is. You are free and see 2 guys that really would be easy blocks, you go for it. Sam might score if Erving even just chips the guy.
  19. I still think Sam can put it together, but that's just me and it won't hurt my feelings if I'm still wrong lol.
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