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  1. 3rd round rookie sees more pressure than he can handle, Panthers play to shut the run game down. 24-3 final.
  2. 128 yards of total offense for the Saints, definitely didn't expect that.
  3. On the flip side, I don't think the compensation was bad at all, if he hits your got a steal, sometime you got to make risks to real rewards. I think this qualifies as a measured risk.
  4. Completely respect that and I don't think your a Sam hater at all, I think I. Just more optimistic about the situation.
  5. 100% with you. I was a big fan of Sam and wanted us to trade for him before he became available so we obviously approach it from two different points of view. Regardless we are both in a wait and see pattern and I'll gladly admit being wrong if things go south.
  6. I think this is likely to change as the year goes on and is of no significant concern. Many of the routes out side of the first read are 5 to 10 yards down the field in Brady's system. I guess we will see.
  7. To be fair, it's not like Sam checked down the whole game, he did make a number of downfield throws. Also, situations dictate the game, clearly the Panthers got much more conservative in the second half, and that by design. Had they kept their foot on the pedal who knows what Sam's stats are.
  8. What? Tom Brady is like 6'4". Wilson is barely 6'1 Edit: I'm wrong here looks like Wilson is 6'3"ish
  9. I bet the WFT will give up some assets for him tomorrow.
  10. Bryce Young is quite the talent.
  11. I was ecstatic when we drafted him, his measurables are ridiculous and he doesn't drop balls. With that being said I am shocked that Chase is dropping so many balls. I think though he is not as savvy or refined route runner as marshall is, so at the start he will struggle a bit more.
  12. Until his contract extension happens.
  13. If it's down to these two teams, I think it's more likely the Dolphins. I feel like Carolina has been a lot more open about committing to Darnold than Miami has been to Tua. Tua has supposably looked good this preseason though.
  14. I feel like "bringing back an old player in their prime" means they would have to be retired. I wouldn't count a current player in the league like Newton. Obviously if he were retired I would bring him back. But picking retired players it would have to be Kalil (center) and Luke.
  15. One thing I liked about Horn, he locked up Chase Claypool, who played A LOT last season. Like, Haskins didn't even look his way after the first one. taking a way half the field? I'll take that every day.
  16. I don't know guys, I honestly had a great time listening to Smith. His commentary was hilarious, and while he was mean, it's not like the entire building didn't agree with his takes. When Joey missed that field goal, I knew it was over for him, you know it was over for him, it's the nature of football. Sure he is rough, but if he can clean it up a bit he might gain some traction. At the least he showed some excitement. Beats the heck out of Mick Nixon's near sleepy depressing calls.
  17. Smitty when the other guy said Sly in for the xp... "Noooooooooo!!" The man is amazing. Love him calling games.
  18. Slye has lost his confidence. In a bad place, better work hard to get it back.
  19. I'm honestly not worried about it, he will play this week. Probably get all the reps he needs and we will go from there. Everyone is really overthinking this whole thing...
  20. They ran like 2 pass plays in the first series. one complete, one incomplete, running game looked decent. Just need to be able to get one yard to finish the drive. 2nd half team is atrocious, but it is a young team so I expect that to get cleaned up next year.
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