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  1. True. I guess instead of “generation” i should have said “attitude.” That said, there seems to be a growing number of people who think it’s ok to take from other people. Taxation is theft.
  2. Thugs. Worthless scum. Product of the “give me” generation- the ones who think that they shouldn’t have to work for what that have, they think that the well off “owe” them. Pure scum. charge them as adults. They knew what they were doing was wrong. stop sentencing thugs and thieves to jail. Make them work hard labor. 12 hour work days until they grow some morals.
  3. I’d give my own heart for a kid to have a chance at life.. Prayers for the Olsen family
  4. People love their sports hero’s and celebrities.
  5. That disclaimer saved me some pain.
  6. OP- what position does your son play? He sounds like he has awesome work ethic which is taught at home. Good job!
  7. I’m pro business but no business has the right to pollute the air and water around them. I am for some of these environmental protections.
  8. Refs disagree. Makes it harder for them to throw the game
  9. I would take up yoga if #2 came to fruition
  10. THEY AREN’T ELITE QBS Your personal distaste for Sam Darnold is showing here.
  11. Oh really? I can’t think of one time in recent years a coach has faced backlash when a player they drafted high failed to produce. It happens all the time.
  12. You put way too much stock in what others think. The PANTHERS made what the PANTHERS thought were the best moves available to them. Again they have put in the work to craft a draft grade for each player they drafted, and they obviously disagree with this “common” idea that each of the players you listed were the better choice. It’s not apples to oranges. The simple fact again is that anyone can be great, and anyone can flame out. And again, why would you be sharpening your pitchforks when all you have invested in it is reading the opinions of media outlets who are paid to vomit their stupid takes all over Twatter.
  13. Every player in the draft has a chance of flaming out or being great. The draft decisions are made by people who are paid well to do what they do. Armchair GMs are not putting nearly the same hours in evaluating the talents, needs, and future plans of the team. no reason to sharpen your pitchforks and make random comparisons. How many teams passed on Tom Brady?
  14. Feelings are for liberals and children. Do your job. I like Rhule’s approach
  15. It’s not looking good for DW. He is going to have a rough time with this. He should be hoping all they want is money at this point.
  16. I’m as straight as they come but I’d play along for 14.5B.
  17. It’s juicy gossip in an off-season after over a year of quarantine. People are just shooting their poo on a hot topic.
  18. Do you eat the same food every day? Stop at the exact same fast food restaurant every day? Some people like variety. Furthermore, as someone who gets regular massages, good therapists are booked out and not always available when you need them. Massages are deeply personal - I’ve found several very good ones and yet I don’t think I’ve found yet the perfect one. I love trying new masseuses when I can. I’ve been in massage parlors where i wonder why they chose a profession where they have to touch other people. Then others where they made me wonder what I was paying for exactly - a massage is stretching it. No pun intended. The fact the DW has a bunch of different contacts for massage therapy proves nothing.
  19. The courts control my thoughts??? are you retarded? (Some) women lie. Evidence doesn’t. If there’s no evidence DW may not or may not be innocent, but you won’t find me piling on the mob justice and throwing stones long before any actual investigation has taken place. If he’s guilty he will pay for it one way or another. His presumption of innocence is not something I am willing to throw away just because some women have made allegations. Also, you might be right that a DA can use evidence from a civil court and bring criminal charges, but the burden of proof is much lower in a civil case which is why I suspect a money grab and not an actual interest in putting a dangerous criminal away. Some of the allegations are very serious. It baffled me that none were brought forward in a formal complaint to the police- especially once everything went public. People like to defend that silence because the women might fear repercussions- but that excuse goes out the window as soon as the civil complaint was brought.
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