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  1. I'm sure DW will get a warm welcome when the Browns roll into town next season. He gets to go to ATL too, should be interesting
  2. Early family xmas, so random appetizes. Deviled eggs, sausage balls, pulled pork pastry puffs, etc.
  3. Same thing I have been doing every Sunday, house work and/or learning new technology. I only watched the AZ bc Cam was back, other than that I have saved myself wasting time watching that garbage.
  4. Ron gives a stoic glance from the sideline
  5. I'll trade you a bowl for a bowl.
  6. Try ALT + F4, that should clear your cache and make it load faster
  7. There's some drunk ass people on the forums today. It is best to stick to water on Sunday's this year as a Panther fan if you want your liver to survive the season.
  8. Copycat Chili's southwest chicken soup to celebrate the cold front
  9. Smoked chicken wings and home made yukon potato french fries.
  10. The question is how full was that bottle this morning?
  11. I went to get my first Pfizer shot today and going south on 85 when I passed Concord mills, the traffic to get off on that exit was backed up at least a mile. People are definitely going out a lot more now.
  12. I had one in 2013 or 2014, forget the exact year, but it really was no big deal. I think the only people who post much about it online speak to bad experiences. The worst part is the anticipation and the doctor trying to talk football to you when they are severing your bits. Mine was bad anticipation as he was on call at the hospital and was 30 minutes late, I nearly left. It was mainly just bruising, not really any pain at all..
  13. It would be nice if the Vikings win, but odds are we will be playing Seattle next weekend
  14. In middle school the proper answer was Abraham Lincoln and the guy sitting in front of Pee Wee Herman
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