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  1. Ayy we both think of Zach Wilson as Romo.
  2. Interesting, I wonder if they pulled out with the price becoming too much?
  3. You and I have always gotten along fine.
  4. Yes Zach lol I am sure we made calls to the Seahawks, he just doesn't want to play here from what I understand.
  5. The only thing I had heard was Fields and Wilson.
  6. Stafford to Carolina almost certainly happened if the Rams did not swoop in.
  7. Saints have the best CAP magician in the NFL, would not be a problem.
  8. My friend texted me about thirty minutes ago that trade talks featuring Russell Wilson were getting hot and heavy, and that the Saints were certainly in the mix to push to get him. Bears also thoroughly in the mix.
  9. The can question becomes can you unleash Fields.
  10. There is a difference between "Not following media opinion" and being genuinely stupid in regards to scouting.
  11. So I was talking with my scout friend source whatever, and we were going over tape of Fields. Keep in mind we both absolutely loved Herbert last year and thought he was a locked in top 10 player, him and I had Herbert ranging from QB1-3 for most of the year. Here is what he said to me and I agree full stop with it. "Herbert had all the skill set in the world but his coaches restrained him where as Fields has all the tools in the world and he restrains himself" AKA Herbert was limited by play calling from coaches, where as Fields is most certainly not, and seems to be limiting himse
  12. I like Darnold a lot and he would only demand a 2nd, makes sense to me.
  13. Kuechly and Davis were one of if not the best LB duos in NFL history. Nothing but respect for the Panther great.
  14. I don't even necessarily mind Wilson over Lawrence. But I mean c'mon on the other ones. I like Mond as much as anyone, but certainly not over Lance and Fields.
  15. I have both Gillespie and Davis in my top 5 of their respective positions. Not so sure I totally agree on Terry, but for the most part Brett is always on point. Rodgers is going to be a very valuable wide receiver at the next level.
  16. Wilson is just as good as Kyler Murray coming out. Zach Wilson is a top 5 player in this draft. It is ridiculous to come to any other conclusion IMO
  17. I guess it would be very Texans of them to slash half their roster and draft a young QB with their first pick. History repeats itself? Poor Zach Wilson.
  18. I have no idea why I keep saying Kyle Wilson instead of Zach Wilson. Too much weed I guess.
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