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  1. Darnold has some serious negatives. Teddy looked like a much better brain and Darnold looks like a much better physical talent. Teddy follows the script, Darnold won't follow it. Brady has his work cut out for him. I get the conceptual part of it, I just don't believe in the end results being as automatic as pitched at this time. I would like to see a plan B this year, I'm guessing we draft one but probably later which I'm not sure counts as better 2021 plan B then Grier and Walker.
  2. They said Teddy was 2 years minimum due to sinking millions into him, a week ago half this forum said we wouldn't get rid of him because of the cost and he is out there right now trying to sell himself like a there is one last trick left. Failure in the NFL is super expensive.
  3. Played 70% of his games in the last 3 years and 43% last year...yeah sounds like out type lol. Whatever, just be cheap man.
  4. LoL. Neither has thrown for 20 TDs in a season. Teddy has actually started a full season. Where they were drafted really doesn't matter at this point. You are trying to build this up. Either he does or he doesn't. So far he hasn't and his play has given plenty of reasons to knock this down. Also, this staff has done jack positively on the offensive side so that is at best TBD. Brady so far is hype without production, hell he was still learning to call plays last season. The coaches look to have a type and it's broken with upside, that is fine but until it's not busted let's not pretend it's anything but that yet. What it could be and what it is right now are 2 separate things, at least until the season starts. No matter how much you hype that up, one is hope and the other is a fact. I'm not the one getting that twisted up. To a Brees or Tannihil or Young or we have Matt Leinart, Rex Grossmen, Byron Leftwich, Patrick Ramsey, Chad Pennington, Karry Collins, Brady Quinn, Richard Todd, Kyler Boller, Jeff Jorge, Rich Campbell, Vince Young, David Carr, Joey Harrington, Jack Thompson, Kelly Stouffer, Mike Phipps, Tim Couch, Cade McNown, Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russel and Ryan Leaf. But you have a HOF in Brett Farve to add. I have tons more to add. It's possible but please acknowledge the odds are against it happening and it's an uphill battle from this point but it is possible.
  5. Sure, just like we did last year with Teddy...just saying...
  6. He is a bust. Top pick, started and tossed aside. 3 years NFL experience. The upsides of reclaiming him are his age, physical talent and the fact we are hoping it was terrible coaching. Thats all fine but he has to prove it or we traded a 2nd for a bust. Also never played a full season. I committed to Cam, he was a franchise QB, our franchise QB. Teddy was a backup and never proved anything but that and always looked thst way regardless of hope or hype. Wanting Sam to be more is fine, pretending he already proved it is not gonna happen until he does it. This could be huge or another training camp year like last year, we missed and had no backup plan when plan A went to poop. Honestly, he looks like a bust but there is that chance they can turn it around.
  7. Nope, dude is a bust we are trying to reclaim. Maybe he will earn it but he is being replaced by the 2nd pick in the draft. Lol the 49ers paid a ransom for the 3rd pick, it's ridiculous to think we would bid over that. Might as well convinced the Jets to keep him and give up 3 first and whatever else for the 2nd.
  8. I saw franchise QB and Sam and I had flashbacks to 2020. Sorry sir. I re-read it and see that now. Please be right!
  9. Nope. Stop right there. If he becomes a franchise QB ok. Until then he is a reclamation project from a very green crew who did this all last year minus a more experienced GM. Until he becomes a franchise QB, we overpaid. Maybe it changes, maybe it doesn't. Franchise QB and Sam will have to wait. He doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, dude has been in the league 3 years. If we have a chance to draft a top QB we should. Plenty of LTs in the 2nd and the Pats proved you could get great value from a backup.
  10. It's a great place to start and should be looked at first until it is resolved. Next comes LT because it is the second hardest spot to fill and can ruin the 1st. A great QB would put us back into playing for a winning season.
  11. Sometimes doing nothing is the better path. I know it's a crazy offseason with the 49ers trading up to 3 that far before the draft but talking about Sam heavily in February raises all kinds of flags. It all just feels like rookies not doing anything in an experienced manner. It's almost like they still have not learned. I am guessing the thought process was it was cheaper to take the 5th year vs what they would have paid him in a new contract, which is very optimistic.
  12. Desperation makes people to do terrible things. The worst part of all of this is after last year it drags into question the QB evaluation skills if we are going all in on win now mode, unofficially until it starts working of cousrse, yet we are rellying on another guy who will likely be what he has always been. We could have waited until the Jets drafted his replacement and got a better price. Will we have an option B or just wait it works or falls apart and look surprised we didn't make a diamond out of a lump of coal.
  13. By the end of the draft we will be contenders here, just like last year. Maybe they finally get their golden ticket but I can't bet on Sam yet. His upside is demolished by his downside. The same people hating on draft prospects for being bad at reading a defense now think Sam is going to make that leap in year 4 in the NFL? Maybe but damn if it's not funny. I hope we take a QB in the draft and better our odds. If we go into 2021 like we did in 2020 with all the eggs in one basket I fear a repeat.
  14. Seems like a weird comparison. The fact we spent more than a 2nd on someone that doesn't even project to a quality backup is its own concern.
  15. That is so bad. I didn't even know you could lose points. My condolences sir.
  16. OMG this would be even better if I could edit it.
  17. Naw man. It's a crap move but on the bright side, it should be hilarious.
  18. No one does and it's a great day to purge all positivity and embrace the incoming poo storm.
  19. Easily the best thing I have heard yet about Darnold.
  20. Sounds like you are a little too interested in my ass. Calm them horses son, try and focus on your football fantasies...
  21. I have been here since game 1. I get your need for positivity but I've been up to my eyes in crap with the Panthers and have no blind optimism at this point. We are looking bottom 10 qgain at this point. The draft will make or break us. Like I said elsewhere, I hope we lose it all and get that 2022 #1 pick with the moves we have made. We could be setting ourselves up for 10 years of success riding Darnope into the ground in 2021.
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