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  1. I honestly think Frank wanted to be fired. I don't think he wanted Bryce and a meeting with Tepper every week made being here probably unbearable. Coaches usually adapt with what they have and he showed no signs of wanting to do that. After he was fired, he said he was probably done with football. I could be wrong, but it just feels like he wanted to be bought out and retire.
  2. I mean I kind of get it, but the OL coach should have been first if we are firing position coaches.
  3. The member on Jackass who is always getting kicked in the nuts.
  4. I expect to see maybe a few more explosive plays/attempts, but the end result probably being the same. I just don't have any confidence in this organization anymore.
  5. With the way this year is going and how negotiations have stalled. If they were offered 2 first's and a second again they would take it.
  6. Tepper views him as the center of the defense. The rim protector, he blocks a lot of shots. He's also very fast, and it is hard to find a rim protector who can run. 3 1st rounders is Tepper's calculation.
  7. This organization is in shambles because of Tepper. I really don't know any player who is already establish that would want to come here unless we paid them a ton of money. The best we can hope for is someone who is trying to get a chance to prove they belong, like a Frankie Luvu.
  8. I feel this season is done. It's about player development now, and if we do decide to trade players I would want it to be for picks. Although, Fitterer has shown no signs of drafting reliable/competent players.
  9. Look, Tepper uses the quote "Rome wasn't built in a day". It took Rome roughly 800 years to reach it's peak. Just give it time, by 2823 we are going to be really good.
  10. It is at least 12 couric’s.
  11. “Despite the 0-6 start, Frank Reich still believes in dragons.”
  12. “In the off-season, Tepper learned how to suck his own d*ck. What does he have planned for the next one?”
  13. My concern isn't so much who wanted Young or not. My concern is how much Tepper is meddling with everything. I want an owner who wants to own a football team and not an owner who always wanted to be a GM of a football team.
  14. https://youtu.be/6-F0MYFxHyk?si=tKkm63EnnNKbco-5 Good video, but at about 2:25 is what is really getting around the league and the media.
  15. It's hard to know where Tepper ends and Fitterer begins when it comes to the draft. There are rumblings in the media and former players that Tepper wanted to trade up for Young and that he thought we were a QB away. Now having said that, Fitterer did a piss poor job of building this team. Between the two of them this franchise is in complete shambles and I think you are going to see a exodus of good players go to better teams because of how things are being handled here. I do not expect Burns to be on this team next year. I also do not expect good free agents to sign with us, unless we offer way more money than other teams, but even still they may not sign. The only way to get this team back on track is through the draft, but we have given away most of our better picks.
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