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  1. PJ will make do for now, priority is still offensive line. We fix that and this team is all around solid.
  2. I thought he was drafted to play LT. That was the need going into the draft
  3. We are the youngest team in the league and that’s a big win in itself. I don’t necessarily agree with how round 1 was handled but this offseason was a great one regardless.
  4. I’m rooting for Colorado and Montreal. Islanders over Boston too.
  5. Now it dawns on the team they needed to get 2 QBs in draft/offseason as we don’t have a proven back up. Which again is why Fields pick would make too much sense, let them compete.
  6. I checked out the game, a lot of ‘missed opportunities’. Take a shot and hope someone gets a rebound score. Gotta do better
  7. How many mocks were actually accurate? Every time someone claims they have “my (inside) sources” I roll my eyes because it is usually never the case.
  8. Put it this way. Suppose Darnold has 50% of being good and Fields has 40% of being good. It’s 90% vs 50% with Darnold alone.
  9. Just based on last five years Car, Atl and TB won NFC titles (SB for TB). By that metric I put NO as the least successful team in the division.
  10. New Orleans sucks and yes it is a little disturbing that we went after the same guys as them. On the bright side their d bag fans have stopped trolling this board, finally.
  11. Before the draft: This is the year to get a franchise QB, strongest class in many years. Only problem is QBs might all go in picks 1-4. We might have to trade up but it will be worth it. After draft: We didn’t draft a QB. Please don’t think this was a mistake though.
  12. B. Coming into the draft QB and OL were the two biggest question marks. I was overjoyed when the answers dropped into our lap and then you know what happened. After the first two actions, I am completely on board with every single pick. Masterful is right.
  13. What a haul this draft turned out to be
  14. Just by looking at first round grades, the media keeps reiterating that Fields dropped to us and wasn’t drafted. It is not just the fans, it’s basically everyone.
  15. Good value picks today. It did go better than yesterday, that WR was the best pick so far. Our OLine will once again be mostly JAGs but the rest looks competitive enough.
  16. Late correction aside, first pick was Fields who dropped in our lap and second was the best OT on board (there were a few). These are premium positions which need to be addressed first. Maybe draft was salvaged by some value picks later, we will see.
  17. Stubbornly refuse to take decent OT while he is there. Not a fan of this draft so far
  18. Other teams can jump on all irrelevant positions so Rhule will have no choice but to draft OT.
  19. Reading between the lines here - ‘we need to make playoffs this year’. That’s why trading down for next year’s 1st isn’t important, nor is drafting a QB when they already invested multiple picks in one.
  20. Here is why it doesn’t make sense. If you aren’t all in on Darnold (and he didn’t play well in NFL so you shouldn’t be) then you draft best QB. If you are all in on Darnold then you draft best OL given how he plays with suspect OL. Panthers did neither and didn’t even trade down for QB desperate teams.
  21. I’m not saying Horn isn’t good, I’m saying when you have a choice between a good QB or a good anything else then you pick the QB. Darnold is a gamble at this point.
  22. Draft grades are not perfect but i doubt we will get an A for this pick from anyone. It’s a concensus that we should have done something else
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