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  1. As long as that does not progress to JUST RELAX I am good with this. such a leap from “missed opportunities “ and “it is what it is”.
  2. I kept thinking how the hell is Megan Fox going to play DE?
  3. When you are unfazed about being 100% right about every little thing, being wrong is no big deal. #nohottakes But..... Truth be told..... I went into this season thinking we would be 16-0 and have just recently realized we will be 17-0.
  4. Yeah, I am not sure why everyone assumes my comment was negative. I agree with you and your comment sounds a lot like Baldy's take. The reason I pointed it out was it echoed Brees' comment Sunday night and on that thread many posters were pointing out that we had a "college defense" last year but not this year. Also, either way, both comments were the first time I had personally heard anyone label our D as a College D and it came back to back after great results.
  5. not even the aints can use that as an excuse after the game.
  6. Two things come to mind when reading thread title and first page, and I have not read entire thread so sorry if this has been brought up before. #1) Nobody is "really" talking about the @Panthers in anything other than "watch out for" or "surprise team: mode. Mostly to cover their bases in case the streak continues. I watched and switched channels on football all day Sunday and Monday afternoon/night and we got the basic highlights. Other games they spent 15 minutes on. Our highlights were like they were produced by boomer and we snuck into production. Even today, when we are the next game up and NFL Network should be hyping the matchup any in depth coverage is woefully absent. I remember 2015 and the "March to Relevancy" that any other team would call a 15 game win streak. The Panthers still do not get respect in the national media coverage and it just gets old to complain about. 2) Kay Adams is a bombshell but she is a self-described aints fan despite and therefore forever off the radar. Watch even a part of this or don't. It is the video equivalent of pointy elbows. https://fb.watch/89P0oF5B-M/
  7. With those man titties Sean was strutting all day my money is on our old man
  8. I could be wrong but isn’t that thread started by alt of the panther fan turned patriot fan? And every post of his is a painfully narcissistic cry for help? I didn’t even open the thread when I saw author. Which is a shame because now that I did (TY) it is a nice thread for game day posters to check in on. I like knowing which posters put their $ where their mouth is and are in the stadium. And the overseas guys. But OP there just annoys the fug out of me (if I am right. )
  9. Well, at least they are consistent. sold out of Oct/Nov already.
  10. ok, I see the irritation with conspiracy theorists. I just ignore them like I have been doing during elections and covid anyway so I am getting pretty damn good at it. I have been a fan of Tepper but the buck stops at his desk and he has some work to do.
  11. good article by Scott Fowler on the subject as well. https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/scott-fowler/article254278628.html Not sure why they can't put their new mixed reality toy on top of the stadium screen while they help coordinate the Keep Pounding Chant.
  12. https://theathletic.com/2828732/2021/09/15/person-what-happened-to-the-keep-pounding-chant-for-the-panthers-in-week-1-and-will-it-return/ Holy cow, there is "projecting" going on involving a message board about an NFL team? WTF else does any poster on here have to do if not projecting or complaining about projecting while indeed projecting? And whether the call is stupidity or malice or even a combination of both it is certainly a relevant talking point. What is wrong with this board where so much energy is spent certifying which topics are worthy of discussion and which one's are not? Here is Person's take on it (pay wall) https://theathletic.com/2828732/2021/09/15/person-what-happened-to-the-keep-pounding-chant-for-the-panthers-in-week-1-and-will-it-return/ <snippet> There are a few things in Charlotte that should not be messed with: craft breweries, Bojangles and bankers’ hours. As for the local football team, at least two things are generally considered sacred — natural grass and anything related to Sam Mills. And in the space of a few months, the Panthers have botched both of them. On the same day the Panthers played their first regular-season game on artificial turf at Bank of America Stadium, they ditched the coordinated “Keep Pounding” pre-game chant that both fired up the home crowd and paid homage to Mills, the franchise’s only player to have his number (51) retired. It’s unclear whether it was an oversight by the team’s entertainment division or the Panthers simply decided to do away with what’s become a popular part of the game-day experience. As of Wednesday afternoon, team officials were mum on what happened before Sunday’s opener against the Jets. Update: A Panthers spokesman said the goal is to have the “Keep Pounding” chant evolve to the point where fans don’t need any prompting to start it. The team plans to coordinate the chant for this week’s game against the Saints, but won’t necessarily do so for every home game.
  13. Do you ever tire of being snarky? Just curious. The thread is not about whether or not the fans can cheer/chant. The thread was about the owner consciously taking it out of the program.
  14. And now "you people" have no reading comprehension? And you are blaming a message board because you don't know how to read or think? sheez Lots of tweets on this, more coming in. Increasingly I think Tepper kaboshed (or ok'd the kabosh) of the pre-game #keeppounding to make time for his new mixed reality toy. The same stadium gameday management that screwed up all the other documented issues (lines, beer, intro's, etc.) mistakenly took the chant out of the whole gameday planning in it's entirety. This is giving Tepper some credit but I could see it going down that way. Will know Sunday.
  15. True, in theory. In practice the NFL home gameday experience for stadium fans and the interaction with TV production is tightly micro-managed. Those chants may or may not start on their own but without the timing and assistance of the stadium crew it will be increasingly difficult.
  16. Was not at game but heard all the rumblings about #keeppounding not being a part of the festivities. But it is a pretty big deal if and why the chant was excluded. The fact that official Roaring Riot twitter goes directly to David Tepper says there is a lot more to this than currently being discussed
  17. @RoaringRiottweets open letter to Tepper about keeping chant. What is going on? Did Tepper actually axe it? Or was it left out to put in the cartoon panther? Or was it the result of just overall poor management of the game day experience for fans? #wedemandanswers What does RR know that the huddle does not??
  18. Can we tap in to Baldy Breakdowns during halftime to prep for adjustments?
  19. Don't do it on my account. But you should do it for consistency. You should know by now as a mod there are no guarantees about complaints. This is why you guys are paid the big bucks.
  20. well and good. lots of stuff gets talked about in main forum where "every source agrees it's not happening". But NAS post didn't even get moved for that take, just got moved because some people get triggered by the greatest franchise QB we have ever had. I will continue to monitor the Lounge so I will get updated on Cam's retirement party.
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