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  1. How can we find the interview? This station? https://wfnz.com/ and were do I click? I'm not a fan. But I am not gonna overreact without the context/whole picture.
  2. 2nd in yards, is that because the opponents started so close to the end zone?
  3. I would just lock this thread before anyone gets stuck in the rabbit hole. Colbert will stay till after the draft 2022. Tomlin have a contract through the 2024 season. And the first post clearly says its pure speculation or in other words. There is NOTHING to discuss here. Oh, I'm no fun? Let's start a thread which successful GMs and coaches that likes cats, and therefore could step in and save this franchise because you know. If you like cats. Why wouldn't you want to have a big black cat like Sir Purr.
  4. A vet player told him today "you only get better in this leauge by playing"... And he goes on an mention BC and Deonte brown.. as examples of players he did play. Deonte, was it 29 snaps yesterday? How many total his year on offense, 31?
  5. This is not regular ️ "soccer", you compete to play for 32 teams. There aren't thousands professional teams you can choose from. Most players are smart enough to keep things for themselves.
  6. Something like this have happened over here. An attempted serial killer targeted immigrants in Sweden for a year. During a lively town hall the Immigrant Minister tried to calm the masses by suggesting they all should sign "We shall overcome".
  7. ... and they traded with the Panthers to go get Nico Collins. Showed some potential.
  8. It's easy. When Panthers lose to the Bucs, the SOS goes up. And there it is. The games yesterday and at 13.00 settled it. Panthers pick at 6. Cannot overcome it. Cannot lose it. Edit: The following is wrong. At best, Panthers tie with Bucs and Cardinals lose to Seahawks. Then Jets and Panthers can finish with the same SOS. And Jets win with head to head. And if P tie, P have a higher win % so no, that's not even relevant. Same SOS but not same win %.
  9. No. We pick at 6. No matter what. It was decided when the 13.00 games finished. Wrong teams won.
  10. We pick at 6. No matter what happens in any game. It was settled earlier today with the 13.00 games. People here just haven't looked into it. It was decided when Titans, Vikings and Browns won.
  11. Yes, first sos and then head to head we cannot overcome their sos advantage.
  12. Illegal or because it was the QB? Any opinion?
  13. Was it not a 3rd and 9? Anyway. We need Judge to clarify the "Clown show" statement. Seems the are doing a comeback from whatever they were doing a few years ago...
  14. Did the clown show just try a QB sneak at 3rd and 9?
  15. Correct, unless Giants or Jets win their games. If Giants win (13.00 game), a losing Panthers are guaranteed to get the 5t pick. Other games are irrelevant. Titans and Bengals need to win and Vikings lose (13.00) to have any chance of jumping ahead of Jets. Then at (16.00) Jets need to win and Cardinals lose and they play the same time as Panthers. So before game we know if it's possible. Pick at 4 in theory, 5 possible and 6 likely.
  16. Giants play before Panthers. If they win, they pick at 6 if Panthers lose. So, yes, could lose a spot in the draft to a team that also have a big need for O-line (and QB).
  17. I would consider it. More picks is most often better, except when you have a really high pick. So it would depend on how the draft board looks like and what grades I have on the o-line and QB prospects at the end of first and early second round. And taking a look at next year's prospects. I could talk myself into swing and miss on these fringe QB prospects. And it would not affect my plan to take a QB with the first rounder the next year. Somewhat what Cardinals did with Rosen and Murray, you try till you hit. Maybe trade back before doing so. But O-line is of course an option.
  18. There are charts for how much picks are valued, but without looking at it. The 6 pick would probably be worth a 1st rounder 20+ this year AND 1st next year + your 3rd this year. We got a 3rd during last year's draft when we traded back in round 2.
  19. Did I misread your post or are you willing to trade away our pick at 6, for a pick at (likely) 20+ in next years draft + a 3rd rounder this year?
  20. Eagles need to beat Cowboys for Panthers to have a real chance of picking before Jets. That's assuming Jets will win. Which they won't.
  21. Came here because I got tired of my other football team always winning. They are dominating their leauge this season and probably next also so I'll be here. Balance is good.
  22. I tried to figure it out, see above. Wished I had kids in school age, they know these stuff. Math...
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