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  1. I pay ~270 USD, split into 68 USD in sept, oct, nov and dec. Trick to get it cheaper When signing up. Some Swedes chose a VPN and with an IP in Brazil they paid 110 USD instead of 270. (I don't do that). When watching they don't need the VPN. But I'm sure Americans need a VPN all the time. Edited: Some have had problems to sign up lately. They had to use Paypal as some kind of workaround. Does VPN work? There are some conflicting info on that. Maybe it depends on the VPN. Maybe try the Free version using by creating a "junk" GAMEPASS account. Try using a VPN and see if it works. Content On demand - you can watch all games from season 2012 -> today Other content included, not on the list: Hard Knocks, All or Nothing, the whole Draft process from Bowl games, combine to the Draft itself. Just ask if you want me to check availability for any specific content...
  2. Should be coming soon. It's available on the international version.
  3. And 3rd or 4th in tackle for loss. Great pickup this off season.
  4. Brian Burns should have had 4 sacks by now... Yes I betted on him to be league sack leader.. Come on.
  5. I have also seen that debate. And it's a valid discussion and I think your last paragraph (is that what it is called?) is a great analysis. Another debate have been about access and if some beat reporters avoid hard questions just to keep a good relationship. Even if Rhule would have needed to take one or two test I dont think it would have any real implications at this moment. But it's an interesting situation because it could happen a team during the season and depending on how harsh the Covid rules are, it might have a slight impact on how prepared teams could be before a game. Cam was out for a few days despite testing negative. Well he was unvaccinated. But still, how to interpret rules can vary and I find it interesting. Would have looked it up myself but I'm traveling.
  6. My jokes in this thread says it all, how concerned I am. Time stamps, yeah, being meticulous is something bad and I am guilty as charged. If I send a 15 minute video to people, instead of wasting their time searching for the few 3 second parts I wanted to refer to, I should point it out myself.
  7. I thought that was part of the job desciption of a journalist, to find out things. This is why I posted. Because I dont know the rules and there could be a legitime reason for his reaction to not be a concern. But if no one ask, like som fluff journalist dont, only raises questions. In my mind atleast. Looking at how some other responded to me (not directed to vorbis). I guess Covid-19 is not longer a concern in the US.............
  8. About the leauges Covid-19 rules? Of course. What the heck made you respond to my post?
  9. Honestly, Am I the only one reacting to Rhule coughing multiple times in yesterday's presser? What are the rules for covid-19 testing in the league? 8.10, 8.18, 9.25, 10.18 and 11.55 for example. Surprised no "journalists" brought it up. Even a negative test could be newsworthy.
  10. So I can stop screaming and put my cloths back on? Ok. All that for nothing...
  11. Yes, it's over. Just burn all the bodies. Here is the clip.. 11.52 for example.
  12. Rhule seemed to almost be "coughing" or something similar with his throat during the last presser where he sat in his room and the question was coming in digital. Sunday I think. Did anyone else notice that? Almost made a thread about it but. But, hey, wasted time speculation.
  13. Have a memory of hearing it. But tried to find the source a few weeks ago without any luck. If there were any truth to that, then go with the young guy if he has been ok. Doesn't need to be perfect his first year, the team aren't contenders. Rather have a rookie this year than any of the next coming years. ______________ Also am I the only one that thought Fletchers snaps was a bit low to the punter last night?
  14. also become a thing in Sweden. Not sure how, but it did. and yes, all thanks to Cam.
  15. Looking at the ex-Patriots career stats... wondering what distracted him from playing....
  16. Go with the International Gamepass, free plan. All pre season games are free. Not sure about the free plan, but we who pay can see it on demand and also download the games on our phones. Dont forget to set the setting on "Scores off". Link: NFL - Game Pass (nflgamepass.com) Watch on the computer, on your phone or smart tv (apps for LG and Samsung) NFL Game Pass International - Apps on Google Play ‎NFL Game Pass International i App Store (apple.com) Where is NFL Game Pass available? – NFL Game Pass (Canada is not included, but most countries are)
  17. If you are on the training camp roster, you are getting paid and I think the amount is decided at league level. Since the German kicker was waived = on roster = paid. No idea about try-out players.
  18. "~Do you got anything Luke?" "~I would have said the same thing..." someone dont like to be in the spotlight...
  19. Are you able to watch "on demand" also? If you cannot watch a game live.
  20. Marshall had sort of a concentration drop issue in college. 7 drops in 2020. Unless in the red zone. I think he had 0 drops in red zone.
  21. Nah, more of a pattern. The mental part was the weak spot in his evaluation, leading to some drops and ball security issues. But shouldn't be a problem. He is young and got skills. He will lead the team in TD this season.
  22. David Moore replaced Samuel. That happened during free agency. Samuel played mostly in slot, on both sides. David Moore can do the same. He could also be in rotation with DJ and Anderson on the outside, which Samuel didn't do. Making the offense more dynamic. Marshall was to good to not be picked during the draft. Rhule mention after the pick, I don't remember the exact words but he stated clearly that he saw Marshall as an outside guy. With other words, not a replacement for Samuel who was a slot guy. NOW, during TC Rhule said Marshall will be playing a lot out of the slot. Which is a no brainer. 82% of his snaps were in the slot last season. (edit: I think Marshall will end up as Samuel's replacement, he have a bigger upside than David Moore). BUT Marshall can also play on the outside and could be an Anderson replacement if he end up being to expensive. A great draft pick. Shi Smith or another earlier WR was probably always a target during the draft. The team needed a long term slot WR and keep the cost down. David Moore have a two year contract. Seahawks picked Freddie Swain in the sixth round last year, flashed some value and I'm sure Fitterer saw that if you do the right evaluation you can find good value WR in the later round. The team did not rotate players that much last year. Outside the top three, few WR did have an impact. Shi might barely get snaps if he ends up being the fifth WR. But Shi also had kick return experience which was another need. And so was punt return. Which David Moore have experience of. I'm not completely sold on Shi Smith, but by adding Marshall and David Moore the WR room looks great and the return game got some good competition. The fight for the 5-7 WR position will be fun to follow, specially if Trent Cannon can solidify his spot as a returner. Sorry for the long post.
  23. https://digitalcare.nfl.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404339383703-What-games-are-available-to-watch-LIVE-with-NFL-Game-Pass- NFL Game Pass provides exclusive access to live out-of-market preseason games. Weird how my international version is so much better than all of your options. I got it all.
  24. Of course. People focus to much on what happened during" the meeting" and how NFL will respond. Forgetting Watsons intent with the "meeting", that he planned it and put in an effort to make it happen. Wasn't the girls flown in from all over? Was some of the girls "recommended" by others? It must be investigated if they knew what Watson planned to do. I also wonder how the situation that occurred, was handled afterwards. Could there possibly be charges for intimidating or cover up "crimes". I fully expect Watson to end up in the news cycle again regarding "sex" within 20-30 years. "Former NFL star..." Watson should be discussed in the Tinderbox unless there are news about a suspension.
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