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  1. It's because Joe Brady isn't an O-line or RBs coach, just a WR coach only by position. He knows nothing about about the trenches, but our WRs aren't producing either, which suggests he has poor knowledge about any part of the offense. An offensive coordinator needs to have an O-line scheme to not only run block, but to pass protect, with a million assignments for each position, for different defensive looks. Brady's offensive plan looks like, " it's either this way or no way". Which we seem to be going to nowadays.
  2. It was a big time penalty & it wasn't shown on replay, makes me wonder. I mean, we got penalised for ticky tack holding calls twice. But this gave them an extra set of downs, after I we had stopped them, but it wasn't shown. BS.
  3. Brady is a WR by position & coach. Knows nothing about the O-line or running the ball, which is what is lacking with this offense. But in saying that as well, the WRs are struggling to get open cause his plays are predictable. Doesn't help when they're dropping the ball too.
  4. Seriously, Joe Brady's offensive play calling is terrible. RUN THE FRICKKIN ROCK! We've got 1 of the best rbs in the league.
  5. Yeah, I don't think Jermaine is a 1st string NFL MLB, but he's an improvement over Tahir Whitehead. And that's saying a lot since we have a top ranked defence. So, yes. What this team is lacking is a stud MLB. Maybe we've been spoilt for a very long time with great MLB's. From Kuechley, Beason & Morgan, to what we've seen the last 2 seasons. Very subpar talent, and that's giving them credit.
  6. Donte wasn't on today, but most of the secondary was on to be honest. The only person in the secondary that played well was Jeremy Chinn. Didn't help that the pass rush wasn't effective enough. But you've also got to give credit where it due, Washington played a well balanced game. Their O-line outplayed the D-line to the point that they even used a 3rd string centre & was effective for them. You've also gotta give Heinicke credit. He made a couple of big time plays.
  7. Last year, Rhule use to say "process" in every sentence. As the season went on last year, I said that word should be"progress". Unfortunately, this season, the team is now in "regress". That was a 1-5 team that they lost to today with sooo many players out, probably twice as many as the Panthers. They got a field goal on the opening drive, then stunk for 50+ mins after that, AGAINST A 1-5 TEAM!! With today's effort, I doubt they would've beat a college team.
  8. Such an embarrassing performance. Even the commentary said it was pathetic.
  9. That just shows Joe Brady's offensive play calling is inept.
  10. Didn't deserve to win that game. Just terrible everywhere. D-line no existent in the last 2 weeks, waaaay too many dropped passes, INT on very 1st play, poor zone coverage, O-line pass pro lacking once again.
  11. I noticed a few weeks into last season, this coaching staff struggle with 2nd half adjustments/game plan, on both sides of the ball. Marry that with a less than mediocre O-line, and that's no formula for success. The defence has somewhat improved in personnel, but there's no one out there leading or directing them around.
  12. I'm liking all this doubt for the Panthers. It just gives more motivation & enthusiasm for the team. Every media source says Dallas are going to win, but betting odds are around 55/45 being that Dallas are the home team. Bring it on!
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