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  1. 15 pages yesterday with a handful of tweets but an abundance of people arguing. 11 pages today and counting and it’s the same Please can we keep these threads focused on aggregating updates, it’s so annoying having to skim page after page of internet bickering
  2. I’d be surprised if he’s the same player after this. He’s already sat a year, he might miss more and the psychological impact will be significant. What he did can only occur with some form of invincibility complex and massive ego. That will have been broken, to a degree, if not completely due to all of this. Without that will he have more self doubt, more headspace occupied. All through this I’ve thought of when Tiger’s world came crumbling down when his wife found out and attacked him. He had a real rough period for years after that and he failed in ways he used to be invincible. Will be interesting to watch it play out.
  3. If we are losing games… you gotta find out how he gets on otherwise it would be a complete waste of a pick. So second half of the season makes most sense to me. If Sam starts well, wins games, there no point in starting him as Rhule will be back with Fitt and they can assess him behind closed doors. However we can’t forget how bad Sam was/is, he was just as bad with a clean pocket as he was without. So a better OL probably makes little difference. Unless Corral is so clearly not ready we may as well let him take his lumps behind probably the best OLine we will ever have.
  4. Tbh this is irrelevant to how his future pans out, unless it’s something he’s learnt from. The guy has been drafted by us, so how about just get behind the guy and hope he’s matured and develops. He wasn’t pick #6, nor did we mortgage our future for him. If he works out great, if not at least we had a crack at trying to improve. So I don’t really understand the capitals, the non commentary and the repeating what’s already been heavily discussed. I bet 90% of players who are drafted have some kind of stuff they are dealing with - nobody is perfect
  5. I was thinking of the other way round Say we did find a trade partner, moved down a few (missing out on icky but perhaps picking up cross) and landed a 2nd Its like our second rounder would still have been Corral or I guess Willis/Ridder. So, I think, not moving down gave us the best of both - the best tackle and one of the best QBs. This was rather than the “best” QB / #3 OT and the same QB
  6. QBs are a crapshot just like everyone else, only its the single most important position You gotta take a punt at one at some point and it’s pretty likely, based on recent drafts, that the ones who end up the best don’t always go first in their class.
  7. Don’t think he ever qualified as a comp pick due to his years accrued in the league
  8. I found his thought process flawed for two reasons. He kept referencing QBs drafted since the 80s… that’s way too wide a date rage and what is asked of QBs now is very different to 30 years ago. At the least he should be looking at tracking year to year numbers to identify any trends. His only real metric he referenced was games played/started which offers little insight to the impact (win percentage, win uplift etc) secondly his point was that you don’t draft high if there’s no elite prospect. However he seemed to be looking at total QBs drafted with no consideration for success by round on even his questionable criteria, let Alone more appropriate ways to measure. One other issue is that he offered no consideration to drafting other positions instead and what that resulted in. Strikes me as someone who tries the word “data” around but doesn’t really have a good grasp of it or his data should be used
  9. There are physical ceilings There are mental ceilings It’s easy to measure and observe physical abilities and compare against others. It’s much harder to do the same for the mental processing players need to do. What shouldn’t be discredited is a QB who has proven to be able to read and process defences, then make good decisions on where to attack it. If that were simply “coachable” then we should have a tonne of great QBs in the NFL, which we don’t. Teddy isn’t a good example of that as he falls back to not attacking, he takes safe options almost every time.
  10. What choice do we have, he’s not leaving any time soon… I was definitely expecting growing pains and so I don’t think we can leap to any conclusions on him yet. If anything his actions show indecision, something you’d expect from someone inexperienced as a sports franchise owner. He needs to build up some reliable experience close contacts he can consult with to help develop his decision making
  11. When watching the draft day footage it was quite clear that he and Rhule had roles Rhule was the player evaluator and decision maker on who was drafted Fitterer was the value evaluator and strategist of the draft, deciding if we chance trading and when we should stick or twist. I think the draft went well aside from missing on key positions, which if I’m right, was down to Rhule. Trades have been bad though: Darnold, Henderson… both set us back trying to chase down something when we had answers on the roster which were just as good. That’s what worries the most is his “in every deal” mindset he’ll lose track of how best to rebuild
  12. Putting feelings towards Rhule to one side I was trying to get my head round what he meant by it. obviously the results aren’t there, we are in constant cases of ill discipline, being out coached, lack of execution. So to me that means the mantra that Shaq echoed… “Get better each day” So I can only assume that what Rhule is saying it that he sees all the players continuing to buy into this concept, continuing to pour in the time and effort and dedication to try and build up. So that to me says the team hasn’t quit on him, also it would get something tangible that people can see in the building that might defy logic when you only see the field. So in terms of culture building that might be a step forward from what we had previously. The issue though is that it actually highlights that coaching is even more an issue. 1. Players are improving themselves but their play isn’t, suggesting that coaches aren’t actually developing them in a positive / cohesive way 2. our game plans suck if our players are more dedicated than they ever were under previous regimes. So I can kinda understand where he’s trying to come from, I just think it highlights even bigger issues
  13. Doing so would decentralise “the approach”, as the two coordinators would want to bring in their systems and methodologies. Imo the hive mind needs to reside in the HC and so bringing in experienced guys to take over these would render Rhule redundant. May as well just let him go as it’s not like he makes sound personnel decisions or roster building
  14. @Catsfan69 why are you ramming your opinion to every single comment on this thread? It’s purpose was to highlight how stealthily high Cam has crept on some significant leaderboards for the QB position. You might fee he’s not hall of fame worthy, fine, but his statistics push him into the conversation without a doubt. he’s a couple of TD away from Steve Young… Putting that debate aside how about just celebrating his achievements
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