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  1. It would be hilarious to see a HS QB beat out Sam Darnold in camp. I wouldn't bet against it.
  2. also our schedule this year is just ROUGH. we play the BEST two divisions in football(AFCN/NFCW) plus the GOAT x2. out of those 10 games we will be 1-9.
  3. I feel so duped by Tepper, Even after all his dog water decision I could always say that he is at least investing 100's of millions into a new practice facility... couldn't even do that right, the rumors were very true, the guy is a cheap scape and yet the wealthiest owner in the league.... Just an honest to god terrible person in every aspect.
  4. I agree that he probably doesn't love the game that much but some players have that desire to get PAID, this season for CJ will have a huge impact on how much his value in the NFL is worth.
  5. sam darnold and half his salary for baker and half his salary +7th rounder.
  6. hey hey, dont forget no 6th for current colt stephen gilmore
  7. well MOST(almost all) of the NFL teams are better than the panthers.
  8. I feel that our DE room is very young, having a vet to replace Reddick would be nice for the future. Its a one year deal that could aid development, hope he signs. I assume he wont be wanting to come to mini camp so I wouldn't panic if he isn't signed this week.
  9. god we literally didn't have to fuging pay this guy... would have been GREAT to see him hit FA this march. now he will be a cancer for another year and we will have a dead cap hit next season after cutting him. And people here just love fitt....
  10. oh look its donte jackson getting burnt to a crisp.... worst move of the off-season imo.
  11. I understand where you are coming from but we have to at least try to give Sam one last chance, call it sunk cost theory or whatever but we invested 20 million and a 2nd round draft pick this year on him. I wanna see one failure before I pull the plug.
  12. eh we need a 3rd arm for TC, but yeah he should NOT make the 53
  13. he sucks but has the pockets to redeem himself. Needs to throw 100 million + at a certified legit NFL coach.
  14. I wish I could share this post to every Clemson fan in existence. Imagine the red faces.
  15. mans last post here was 5 years ago... sheeeesh
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