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  1. I just still cant believe we took this guy over Stroud, I quite literally will never get over it.
  2. I love the fact that his ticket to the Super bowl was stolen from him by the refs. EAD Cameron
  3. and we will get the 8-9th best one. another jag who you pray can be a WR2
  4. Dont wanna go WR at 33. Just feels like your gunna draft a guy with major hole's in his game, we need football players at every level, get the BPA.
  5. choked and fired. just like the Tampa Bay game!
  6. the UNC vs Miami Football game was broadcasted in 4K this year. It was fuging amazing and the best part was during the commercial breaks because they cant play ads in 4K you'd get a Live feed(in 4K) of the stadium. Best TV viewing experience I've ever had.
  7. legit rat behavior. If he was in a different business he'd be sleeping with the fishes.
  8. I get it we all love to rag on our bust picks but idk why you'd ever cut him before rosters have to be at 53. Its the last year of his rookie deal, the money is already guaranteed. Bring him to camp.
  9. might be in the minority here but I want to give Ickey one more chance at LT. If he sucks ass throughout camp/pre-season then make the switch but He should spend this off-season prepping to play Tackle.
  10. oh wow he remembered a couple massive plays in a few games from the previous year. complete Einstein
  11. god one more fuging month until I can bet on sports.
  12. same here. I got fuging DUPED last year. Wont get fooled again/ get excited until we win a 10th game in a season.
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