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  1. Yet we’ve never drafted a single player from them, makes no sense
  2. I just saw the topic and immediately thought, “thanks for the support, asshole”
  3. Is it just me or do we suck at finding talent on the O line, no matter who our GM is? The Steelers are starting a 3rd round rookie at center, 4th round rookie at LT, and Trai freaking Turner at RG and they are keeping a clean pocket for Rothlisberger, and he’s a damn statue. Every damn year it seems like there are rookies starting all over the league and we have 2 rooks who can’t sniff the field.
  4. That’s what I noticed, looked like he was scared and retreated to the bench when he saw Robby coming back by
  5. Nah, I watch a lot of football, the CBS crews are just as shitty at calling AFC games too. Romo’s team is the only outlier
  6. Oh I know we couldn't get him for Darnold, but I wish we could work something out for him
  7. Crab Man was probably the best character on the show
  8. So play him at center, can’t be any worse than Paradis. Erving-Christenson-Elfein-Brown-Moton What do we have to lose?
  9. Did you ask him where the hell that Whiskey list he posted on Twitter came from?
  10. Covid-19 Vaccines Can’t Alter Your DNA, Here’s Why (forbes.com)
  11. how do you get a login? I don't see anywhere to sign up
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