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  1. Covid-19 Vaccines Can’t Alter Your DNA, Here’s Why (forbes.com)
  2. how do you get a login? I don't see anywhere to sign up
  3. that was my banner at the Ravens preseason game in 2013, all the specialists came over to talk afterwards. I still have it somewhere, autographed with Brad Nortman’s gloves
  4. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nfl-move-the-sticks-with-daniel-jeremiah-bucky-brooks/id915544088
  5. Gonna have to change his foundation’s name too, “5 and You” just doesn’t have the same ring.
  6. Steelers @ Bills at the same time so I doubt it.
  7. So according to PFT she didn’t even accuse him of touching her, just asking for a massage in areas that she was uncomfortable with
  8. But Teddy’s contract has offsets, if we cut him they can sign him for vet minimum and we pay the rest of his salary to 10 mil
  9. Honestly I’ve paid attention to her all season and think she’s one of the best/fairest refs I can ever remember
  10. That’s one big ass Food Lion, being as the current area for the stadium and practice facilities is only 33 acres
  11. i know what you mean. I like the fact that football is over by 8pm. plus its nice to wake up and start watching football!!!! how long you been on the huddle? how you liking ak weather? good snowmachining down where you live right???

  12. That's cool, I just moved to Ketchikan about a month ago, it's tough not being able to go to games but watching them at 9 in the morning is pretty cool

  13. right outside of anchorage.

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