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  1. Kyle Pitts would be great for us but at 8 it’s more than a luxury pick. Trading down and still getting him around 15 would be great but almost impossible.
  2. Moving up is only worth it if we give up next to nothing or far off future picks 2 years plus. If not Tb for one more year before his contract is easily voidable is the best option.
  3. Trading down is the best option unless we are in love with one of the top WR (which I doubt) Kyle Pitts (my draft crush) or Rashawn Slater who is honestly probably the best choice at 8. If we trade down a future first and late day 3 pick could be had and hopefully we would be in play for Pitts still or Christian Darrisaw. Honestly speaking the draft could go in so many directions I just don’t want to be in a position where we press for a QB and regret it later. There will be QBs in other drafts or Free Agency, let Teddy play out the rest of his contract this year and be cheaper to let go of next.
  4. Kyle Fuller would be great and hopefully we at least call to see how much he’d cost. There are a good amount of FA CBS left so another addition would help significantly.
  5. There are a good amount of 3 tech options in the 2nd-3rd that give me early KK vibes. My favorites are Alim McNeil, Tyler Shelvin and Tommy Togiai, one of these 3 should be the target in the 2nd or 3rd and I feel they’d be great on this new look D.
  6. People who take PFF seriously blow me. Their rankings are for the most part a crapshoot. The OL we signed are rotational/depth pieces that have experience. So of course they will get decent deals. These guys will start if they prove themselves if not whoever we draft or pick up will. This positional group was terrible last year, at least acknowledging the need for depth this soon is a great sign we are investing heavily on offense this year.
  7. Smh I knew a lot of what was said in this thread didn’t sound right.
  8. https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/nfl-expands-digital-distribution-says-sunday-ticket-will-stay-with-directv/
  9. To think this is with the quality of QB we have had the past few years. This is why I feel he is another integral piece of building this offense.
  10. He was no where near 100% against the chiefs and almost single handledly won us that game.
  11. Thats his mom that passed you fuging piece of poo. You should get banned for trolling or just being an idiot.
  12. Naw but I see you’re one of those inbreds I was referring to.
  13. It’s confusing why people are so hard on the guy for having an opinion. Let alone against people that most of this forum detests also. But yet people still demean anything he says. It’s crazy how so many Panthers fans, mostly on here are so inept and inconsistent. Talking about toxic, take a trip down memory lane people look at your old messages on here then look yourself in the mirror and tell your self to do better or watch soccer since most aren’t even serious football fans. Pathetic.
  14. They could but why would they. Why would we want to seem desperate. Players see moves that teams make. They make assumptions of franchises based on numerous scenarios. Adding desperation to our history of inconsistency and bad player management does not bode well for incoming free agents. Ijs.
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