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  1. Those 2 crowd hype guys at the stadium. They are super fun and entertaining!
  2. The Andrew Luck not entering the draft was my favorite one. Haha
  3. Drink and whore myself to an early grave! So basically the same thing, just without also watching football.
  4. This is why I was completely against drafting him, and why i have never fully bought in to him. Reggie Bush 2.0. Now go get a bruiser RB.
  5. At this point I can't imagine we could get much for him in a trade. I've seen several people mention a 3rd. I'd probably jump on that. I don't seeany teams willing to do that either though.
  6. I would think it has more to do with, lack of time to allow deep routs to develop. The Oline has not exactly been allowing for that most of the season. Not to mention the guy probably needs a game or 3 to get back into playing form. I don't doubt the injuries have taken their toll, but I didn't really see anything yesterday that has me too worried about Cam.
  7. Accidentally hit submit reply on my previous post. Haha *what to expect from Cam. He could be very rusty. He also could be lights out. Thankfully he has WFT, Miami, a bye and ATL to get back in the swing of things. It's awesome though to finally have something to be excited about.
  8. This division is still very winnable. Father Time seems to finally be catching up to Brady. They are far from invincible. They also still have to play Buffalo. We could lose to Buffalo and still win the South. That is probably the only game we can afford to lose though. I'm trying to not get too amped up though. We honestly have no idea wha
  9. And to think, i was actually dreading going to the Washington game next weekend. Man, everyone better be inside the stadium for player introductions because Cam will be bringing the house down!
  10. I always get a funny look when I tell people I've been a Panthers fan since 1993. They always correct me and say, you mean 95. Then i say no October 26th 1993 at about 3pm if memory serves me right.
  11. I admit, Rhule was the guy I wanted. I believed in him. Seemed like a real football savvy guy. I got a little worried when he hired all College Coaches. Then i got a little worried when he started signing all former players of his. Then i gave a pass last season. First season plus COVID and all that jazz. Got a little puzzled by the Darnold move, but I went along and hoped for the best. At this point I'm about as close as possible to jumping off the Rhule train. At the end of the day, I just want to win and want football to be fun to watch again. Who knows if or when that will be with this franchise. If Rhule can figure it out, awesome, if it's going to be someone else, I guess we are in for a long wait. I see Rhule getting at least 2 more seasons. No matter what.
  12. The silver lining here is, at least we will get to keep Joe Brady for a few more years....wait?
  13. Yeah, at this point I'm putting those guys in and letting them develop. No way they could be any worse than what's on the field right now.
  14. Let's see how we do against the Cowboys in a couple of weeks first. That will be our first real test. Not that I'm not impressed with the team, but we beat the Jets and a very depleted Saints team with Jameis Winston at QB. If we are competitive and win or keep it extremely close, then i will feel like we are for real playoff contenders. Nearly everyone was expecting us to go 3-0. If we are really playoff contenders then let's go try to get a few pieces to help. I would worry about getting a Kicker first though. A Kicker will win or lose you quite a few NFL games per year.
  15. Yeah, it was really strange the food/beverage places being closed the whole game. Anyone know what's up with that? Also made the lines for anything extremely long. Waited in line at one place over 40 minutes and eventually gave up. I guess it's going to take a few weeks to get back in the groove. They had all of last year off and got out of sink. Wasn't really a fan of the hype crew or whatever. Those 2 guys didn't really get anyone excited. Of course it didn't help that it was miserably hot. Might be my last home opener, unless it's at night. I'm getting too old for this heat.
  16. Section 545 row 23. Last home opener i went to was Buffalo a few years back, and it was a burner! So damn hot! Stadium was half empty by halftime. Mostly filled with Bills fans, in my area anyway. I'm really hoping Panthers fans bring it today. Not being able to go last year really made me miss going to games. I am heading up from Lexington SC in just a few minutes. Hope to get some quality tailgating in this morning.
  17. Are refreshments sold, or do they allow coolers there? I haven't been in years and can't remember what it was like. I'm planning on going Saturday. What kind of extra stuff will be included for the Saturday evening practice? Will it be any different than going on a regular day?
  18. X-Clown was amazing, but to me nothing compares to being at the NFC Championship game in 2015. I attended nearly every home game that year. It was an amazing run. Hate it ended the way it did. But to be a fan from the very beginning, and to be in attendance at that game was so incredible! Until we win a Superbowl, I can't imagine that being topped.
  19. Not a single night home game. Every home game starts at 1pm. So stupid! It's such a pain in the @ss to drive up in time to tailgate and have enough time to have fun before a 1pm game.
  20. Any word on a Primetime home game yet? Would love for it to be the Eagles game.
  21. They practicing for next year, not having a 2nd round pick.
  22. My go tos in MK11 are Skarlet, Kollector, and Sub Zero. I was a big Kung Loa fan in the beginning, but the guys I typically play against figured me out. I eventually had to switch it up. I still play with him every once in a while though. Hope the movie does him justice! I'm jacked up for the movie. Having a watch party and MK11 tournament on the 23rd. I brewed a beer for the party as well. "Eternal Vengeance from and Icy Grave" 8% Blood Orange New England IPA w/ Strata and Amarillo Cryo Hops.
  23. If we stay at 8 I want A) Pitts B) Sewell C) Chase If none of them are there at 8 I hope we trade back.
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