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  1. You Luke was on the phone with TD, "dude, I could've gotten you a discount!"
  2. Guessing he choose the NFL route because GA finally has a solid QB.
  3. Tepper's not moving, but Mecklenburg and CLT will be giving him money for a new stadium at some point. Facts.
  4. Tepper hopefully knows he's got to build some good will (in the form of winning consistently) with the community/fans if he's going to ask for money for a new stadium. When that time does come, he's going to have to sweeten the pot, particularly with political officials, by building a dome/retractable roof so it can be used for multiple events, thus creating more revenue for the city/hotels/restaurants.
  5. uh Yeah, that's what I'm thinking as well. Rhule's praise is usually a one way ticket out of town. Paired with Arnold and new TE, I'm guessing Thomas will be a Redskin.
  6. Was he crying about the field or his employment status?
  7. I don't put much stock into what Mr. One Touchdown In The Fourth Quarter says at this point.
  8. I know. Fitt hasn't even made it through a draft and people are already looking for the next staff....Good thing I don't take stuff seriously.
  9. 1 TD in the 4th Quarter. 0-8 on game winning/tying drives. The fanbase didn't need any help to see Buttwater wasn't the 'answer'.
  10. What's off here is Bridgewater, as in he's, off of our roster, which is a great thing.
  11. By renegotiating the final two years of Bridgewater's deal, the Panthers will save $6 million in 2021 and $26 million in 2022, a source told ESPN's David Newton.
  12. "Bridgewater had only one touchdown pass in the fourth quarter all season and was 0-8 in games in which the Panthers had a chance to win or tie on their last possession." -ESPN Peace out Sh*twater
  13. I like how they're in a Board Room in the second picture.
  14. Dude had Teddy Check Down and Kyle Love Dove tossing him the ball and still topped 1K each season. He's getting the 5th year option.
  15. So now 18 women have come out to DEFEND Watson, adding to the weirdness. Here's my question: Why have massages by 40+ different people if you're DW? Can't you find one and stick with him/her?
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