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  1. I agree with everything you're saying here. At the time, it's rumored that Cam wanted a commitment from the Panthers. At this point, I'm sure he'd take much less in money and time, like 2-3 years.
  2. Yes, he had a lackluster crew up there, but lets not act like he was throwing to a bunch of Jerry Rice's down here. While he shoulder may or may not be toast, is he someone who you'd want to commit $100 million to?
  3. I watched enough NE games this year to see for myself that we made the right decision to move on and not commit to Cam. I guess I'm fine with our organization being intimidated by him....
  4. Inaugural season, we played the Heat. Everyone hated Ronnie Siekley because he talked sh*t about Charlotte. Went with my day and a friend and his dad. We couldn't find the car after the game. Good times.
  5. So what you're saying is that instead of 0-8 on drives to win a game, he might do a better? I honestly wouldn't mind building around someone who can win games.
  6. Does he throw check downs with the game on the line and an opportunity to win?
  7. Obviously speaking from pure emotion, but dude had to be pissed with the ball being taking out of his hands on 4th and goal. Take Rodgers off that team and they're not playing yesterday.
  8. I'd take Stafford in a heartbeat. Actually, I'd take ANY quarterback who's not going to throw check downs 90% of the time.
  9. Always liked Stafford, he's the antithesis of Teddy, which makes me like him more.
  10. I bought a year subscription for $20, so yeah, I read it.
  11. I like Peters, dude has fire in in his belly from being called his youth when the neighborhood kids thought his first name was Centimeter.
  12. Who knows when one will be built and I will not be in line to 'renew' for the new stadium for my PSLs when it does happen.
  13. Wonder if they'll take him to the Uptown Caberet for the steak lunch buffet...
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