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  1. They're going to announce who made the PSL Advisory committee?
  2. Tepper found another Walmart heir to sell the team to?
  3. That's the State doing the bridge, not the City.
  4. The Councilman quoted also has isn't a fan of the current mayor, so there's that angle, too. Not saying RH isn't at fault here, but there's too many moving parts and lack of transparency from BOTH sides to say one side or the other is to blame....
  5. There's direct quotes from the city manager and mayor saying as such.
  6. I live in RH and this whole thing has seemed fishy since the beginning. The agreement was made really quickly, which is weird when a city wants to pony up $225 million, especially a city of RH's size. From what I've read just last night from RH's release which was posted earlier here, RH had an 'out' to not provide the funds if a 'reasonable' effort to obtain the bonds was made. I don't think all the information is out there, so it's hard to decide who's to blame. In my opinion, this is a complex situation and I'm sure both sides might share fault. We'll see....
  7. Meh, I think this all gets worked out. I think Tepp went into this deal knowing this was going to happen. I mean, who the hell thought RH could pony up $225m in the first place? It's Rock Hill!! Tepper is bluffing and he's sending a message to CLT to get ready and bend over. Yeah, he could pull the plug and have some financial losses, but his and the team's image will take more of a hit than his pocket book if they do move on from RH, even though it's not their fault RH couldn't pay in the first place.
  8. Nobody here knows the real story or the details of the contract between the Panthers and the City of Rock Hill. This is a 'he said/she said', with both parties claiming to be in the right. Apparently, Tepper wanted all 225 million up front, RH said that wasn't in the contract. We can all point fingers and blame Tepper or RH, but not one of here knows what's really going on.......
  9. I'd like to see what Cam could do with an improved OL, an offseason in our system, and Willis drafted to learn from him. I don't want to see Sam cry on the sideline again and PJ needs to be stocking shelves at Lowes. I was there yesterday and there's poo all over the place. Get to work PJ.
  10. Cam isn't who he used to be, but I'd love to see him behind an actual OL, not the garbage we had out there this year. I can say the same for Sam as well. I'd like to see what he can do with a good OL as well. That said, I don't think Cam is coming back here and I think that's HIS decision.
  11. NO is going to save tons of cash on prescription pills.
  12. I'm 10000% on board. THIS will get Rhule fired!
  13. @ladypanther Unfortunately, they 'thought' they addressed the OL with Erving and Elfline. They were terribly wrong on that.
  14. I mean, would we actually miss them?.......
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