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  1. He's been cleared to lead the Keep Pounding cheers with Sir Purr and Mini Meow.
  2. Has anyone checked the players' jerseys to see if it still says it inside the collar? #WEDEMANDANSWERS
  3. Shaq actually went 1-3 in college on extra points.
  4. Man, I really hate Steelers fans. While they're fat and dirty, like most Bills and Ravens fans, their mouths spout out words nobody should hear, let alone say, in public. Not sad I'll be missing attending the game.
  5. But we've got 2 long snappers.......
  6. He's a local boy, which in the Richardson/Hurney/Rivera era meant something for some reason.
  7. You Luke was on the phone with TD, "dude, I could've gotten you a discount!"
  8. Guessing he choose the NFL route because GA finally has a solid QB.
  9. Tepper's not moving, but Mecklenburg and CLT will be giving him money for a new stadium at some point. Facts.
  10. Tepper hopefully knows he's got to build some good will (in the form of winning consistently) with the community/fans if he's going to ask for money for a new stadium. When that time does come, he's going to have to sweeten the pot, particularly with political officials, by building a dome/retractable roof so it can be used for multiple events, thus creating more revenue for the city/hotels/restaurants.
  11. uh Yeah, that's what I'm thinking as well. Rhule's praise is usually a one way ticket out of town. Paired with Arnold and new TE, I'm guessing Thomas will be a Redskin.
  12. Was he crying about the field or his employment status?
  13. I don't put much stock into what Mr. One Touchdown In The Fourth Quarter says at this point.
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