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  1. If we're talking about just blocking alone Ickey didn't have THAT bad of a game. The 4 false starts or however many he had is what really tanked his grade
  2. To be fair...is that not what a "PG QB" should be doing? Get the ball to your playmakers and let them make plays. We just don't have anyone that's good at YAC. We had one of the best in DJ Moore but he's no longer here. Miamis offense is full of YAC players, they are out there and we need to put a few around Bryce. But like I've been saying it's hard to get things right after just one off-season. It can obviously be done but more often than not it takes a season or two for the vision to take shape. Hopefully we are much improved by seasons end going into next year.
  3. If you think Dalton would have had the same success against the Saints D idk really what else there is to say. Two totally different defenses playing two totally different schemes.
  4. Against the 31st ranked defense I'm sure they had a much easier time
  5. I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with all that man. Not that words are going to matter but some random dude in NW Indiana who hopes the Panthers can get their poo together just like you is praying for you and your family. I hope it gets better for you buddy and I know it's a hard/long road ahead but you gotta keep going.
  6. I understand. There's no guarantee we will ever have a winning season under Tepper and this certainly feels like another wasted season. It definitely sucks but I have not yet given up on Bryce. He has the talent. He's done SOME things that makes it look like he can play at this level, and it's yet to fully look like a complete disaster with him on the field (I know it hasn't looked good, either). If he works hard at his craft which I believe that he will he can be a quality QB for us. I still believe the sample size is way too short (no pun intended) to throw the towel in on his career/season. If we can develop Bryce into a competent QB by seasons end I don't really care what our W/L record is. HE has to develop and as long as that happens we aren't in too bad of shape. Regardless what the FO said or what the belief was surrounding this team it's HARD to do a full on regime/scheme change and have the right pieces in place in just one offseason. Not saying it can't be done because it has but more often than not it takes more than one season for a team to take shape of the current regime. We have like top 5 cap space next offseason we will be able to build around our young QB hopefully. He just has to develop throughout these next 14 games. I hope it happens or I will be joining you and the rest of the people by not supporting the team until there's yet another regime change.
  7. It's just a joke to me because if the team finally starts to come together and string a few wins together then its all good they're fans again and face no repercussions for the BS they spewed while the team was trying to figure poo out. You shouldn't get to have it both ways. Either cut bait with the team until this regime is over (I did this through the Rhule years) or strap in for the long haul and try and enjoy the process because if this team does finally hit its stride there's going to be a lot of crow to be eaten around these forums.
  8. If he or any of the Bears or Stroud homers want to jump ship and go root for another team then that is exactly what they should do. I like Proudiddy. I like LinvilleGorge. I used to enjoy reading what they have to say. Still do some days. But lately you can't tell the difference between them and the random poster that only posts to complain in the gameday threads. Bryce Young and Frank Reich have nothing to do with how dog poo this team has been over the years. They deserve to have a clean slate. While the start to the year is not encouraging it is FAR from being over. There is still time to show improvement. There is still time to learn and get better. If you want to leave then leave no one is stopping you and it would be nice to read more objective posts rather than the same regurgitated doom and gloom
  9. You should go dig some of those threads up and I promise you they will look A LOT like this one. Football fans cannot look forward. They are so emotionally invested in what the current results are they whine and complain even if the future is bright. Doesn't matter.
  10. Seattles defense has given up 422 yards and 30.5 PPG good for 31st overall in the NFL up to this point. Not exactly the top 10 units of NO/ATL
  11. Through 2 games they are ranked 31st @ 422 ypg and 30.5 ppg lol I expect them to jump up a few ranks after playing this offense though.
  12. 1 in 3 drop backs he has no where to go with the football. My money is on it not being that difficult.
  13. That's true except we're talking about a players first 2 games. Everyone wanted Bryce to come out and light it up much like Cam or even Stroud did, but unfortunately the offensive system and skill players we have in place make it almost impossible for that to happen. Maybe we chose Bryce because we knew he was the one to best handle this situation we currently find ourselves in with the offense. Hopefully they felt confident dropping an undersized rookie QB into a less than ideal situation, to learn from it knowing it wouldn't destroy his confidence like it would have AR/Stroud if they were brought into this system. There are going to be growing pains. Hopefully Bryce can learn and become better, same with our coaches and scheme.
  14. Then let's dumb it down. Bryce was brought in to be the PG of this offense. How can he be the PG when 1 in 3 drop backs features Z E R O open targets and Z E R O targetable windows? That to me combined with a few rookie mistakes is a scheme problem and the reason our offense and Bryce don't look very good, but by all means blame Bryce for not having virtually anywhere to go with the ball on over 35% of his drop backs (most in the NFL).
  15. Chances are Bryce could also have a pretty good game vs that Colts defense too. Falcons/Saints had a higher ranked defense last year and obviously are ranked higher this year so far than the Colts as well. When was the last time they actually had a good defense? The Dwight Freeny Robert Mathis days? You guys are grasping at straws trying to draw conclusions after 2 regular season games lol. Stroud might not throw for another 300 yards all season. I get being disappointed with the offense but they played two very formidable defenses very early in the season. Need to relax.
  16. That's true to a point. How niche is Taysom Hill? The Saints rode him to victory against us. I get Laviska isn't a threat to pass the ball but if he's killing it out of the backfield why not keep giving him the ball? He also doesn't get an opportunity to run many routes at all and he's probably our most explosive player. It's just weird he doesn't get more play time throughout the game
  17. Honestly the person who needs the ball more on offense is Laviska. Just like the last coaching staff he gets 1-2 plays in the first quarter and is never heard from again. Pretty crazy since it seems like he gets at least a 1st down every time he touches the ball
  18. My post didnt have much to do with Stroud at all really. I think comparing rookie QBs especially this early in the process is comical. No two situations are ever the same. Sure you can have your opinions and draw your conclusions on how their careers are going to end up after 2 games, which is also silly but we are on the Carolina Huddle of all places so I wouldn't expect anything less.
  19. Inexperienced compared to who? The core of the Falcons team and the schemes they run have been in place for a few seasons already and since when do the Huddlers opinions of current events ever work out? Every opinion around here is so emotionally charged all the time. How many Huddlers cheered when Rhule was hired? When Newton was cut? When we traded for Darnold? The people here don't know anything more than your average couch potato. Bryce Young has played in 2 career games as a pro and you've got people running around here like chickens with their heads cut off. Even if Bryce came out and lit the world on fire his first 2 games as a pro that still doesn't mean he would be successful in his career here. But people would be cheering and the narrative around here would be a lot different even though it would still be very much an unknown at how his career is going to go. It wasn't that long ago Sam Darnold was looking like our future franchise QB and we were headed to the super bowl after his early season heroics. Look how that turned out
  20. So that excuse is okay for Stroud but not for Bryce?
  21. At this point seeing how the offense has struggled I'm back on the we should have traded him bandwagon. We need to do everything we can to surround Bryce with a star studded offensive cast of players. Similar to what Burrow has in Cinci. If that comes down to sacrificing players on defense or even the OLine then so be it. Bryce is not Cam. He's not going to win with Ted Ginn Jr., Philly Brown, Jerricho Cotchery, Brandon LaFell and etcetc. He needs top of the line talent on offense and I think that might partially be why we haven't resigned Burns yet.
  22. West side crip gang Makes me wonder if this whole thing was gang related
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