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  1. I didn't become a fan until we drafted Julius Peppers.
  2. On the field, I'll take sporadic success over consistent suck assing. We had sporadic success under JR. We've consistently sucked unwashed ass under Tepper.
  3. It's possible. You can't watch that game and think you can compete with these third tier vets Rhule thinks he can fix.
  4. Quite possibly the greatest game I've ever watched. I hate it for the Bills. Hate either one of these teams have to bow out.
  5. Tyreek Hill is like a bigger version of that return man Hall they had plus elite receiving skills.
  6. 25 points in under two minutes. DAYUM.
  7. Probably nothing. Felt like whoever won that toss was winning this game. Defenses are gassed and both offenses running red hot.
  8. Bills may have lost the game right there on the toss.
  9. Please make this kick. I NEED more of this game. I don't want this to end yet.
  10. I can't describe with words how much he's improved as a passer. He didn't have accuracy "issues" in college. He had a cannon with just no sights on it whatsoever. Just point in the general direction and fire a fastball. I've never seen someone improve this much on the accuracy department. Huge props to him and that staff.
  11. Chiefs had no answer for Davis. 4 TDs? Damn. Have yourself a day young man.
  12. There it is. Damn what a fuging game.
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