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  1. Yeah but.... not in the court of public opinion. Therefore, I still find my solace.
  2. I find solace in the this statement: At least we're not the Browns.
  3. I just want us to favor winning... Is that too much to ask for??
  4. If I was a betting man. which I am.
  5. For some reason, this reminds me of when I used to get made fun of for being a Clipper fan in the late 90s and early 2000s.... You wanna play for the Panthers? Sign-ups are at the park!
  6. No one during his senior year. BUT I doubt his particular abilities will be able to shoulder the Panthers to success.
  7. "We'll pay you, to take him off our hands"! Classic.
  8. Even under that scenario, I'd still hope for a trade back in the first. Maybe recoup a 2nd rounder as well.
  9. Why would Rhule be mad at anything? Have you seen his contract?
  10. By far, the smartest move DW could make.
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