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  1. IT fugging hit us all on one night i cant fugging believe iit. fml.
  2. Don't worry ladies and gents.. went to the store and got vodka this time... all this won't hurt so hurt bad at the moment.
  3. As much as I liked to think we were immune this year...I think it hit us tonight. Join me my brothers and sisters in a drinks of, hell it's could always be worse.
  4. Ray Charles be like... all I see tonight is bad calls.
  5. Yupp...definitely going back to the liquor store...
  6. I almost want to go back to the liquor store....
  7. Those 3 points are going to come back to haunt us....
  8. Yeah but... this offense now looses substantial production that Hubbard will not be able to supplement.
  9. We drafted him to be a backup, so we will see backup quality plays at best.
  10. I feel likes it's going to be a low scoring game.
  11. LFG Cant feel bad now, it's 5 o'clock out here, and I'm drinking!
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