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  1. Anytime I hear cornbread this is what I think of:
  2. That's the best footwork I've seen from him since being drafted
  3. What are the reports about Tremble and Hurst so far in camp?
  4. That part. I just don't understand why our neighbors of the north call it "Canadian Bacon". it's just ham for crying out loud!
  5. Nawww. As a true Californian, We always say "don't bring sand to the beach".
  6. I'm going to watch Why not? Aint got Sh!t to do tonight anyway
  7. Good lawyer. Settled civil suit out of court. Pleaded guilty to misdemeanor. Classic get out of jail fee* card.
  8. Well you certainly post a decent amount given your preferred place to post: is it because at your age you can’t trust a fart??
  9. Scott Fowler: "Meanwhile down in Houston, CJ Stroud is infallible and the second coming of Jesus, boy would I love for him to date my daughters".
  10. you're a rockstar don't forget it. if it wasn't for your and the poo button I'd still be selling feet pics on feetfinder.com
  11. Tepper: "did you both know the federal tax code is over 70,000 pages long? most of which I use to my advantage and public funding, because taxes are herpes..... I'm Just sayin, just sayin, just just sayin"
  12. That's a tad bit too logical for this board.
  13. I don't know whether to be upset or offended I only have love and respect for you because we share a common bond
  14. you disgust me. i bet you eat beyond ribeye steak well done you sicko psycho.
  15. Well done or medium rare? if you say well done just don’t ever speak to me again
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