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  1. It’s about the same. And Taylor’s before this year was worse… so not exactly sure what you’re getting at. Not saying Rhule is the answer, but if your looking for a reason to Keep Rhule, look at Taylor in Cinci.
  2. Cinci is only turned around because they kept their staff after 2 years, instead of blowing it up. LOL
  3. 10 wins against 4 in a division with Brady and Brees, absolutely different story. Just saying, sometimes riding with a guy for a few years is better than blowing it up every 2… only time will tell. Bengals is a poo example. If you don’t think so your Rhule hatred is clouding your inbred thought process.
  4. This is the worst example ever. LOL. The Bengals is exactly the point you don’t want to make to fire Rhule. They stayed with their boy and look what happened. Again, not sticking up for Rhule, but he said the 7 years it took Jay Z was an example of sticking with the process. Sheesh. This won’t age well if the Panthers make a big leap year 3 like the Bengals do. Yikes
  5. Jesus, if we’re gonna burn it down, how’s the time. I didn’t want to believe that this organization was such a dumpster fire, but it’s a 5 alarm clown show. What a laughing stock. Jesus.
  6. I hate that I decided to take a month off from drinking. On top of that, I hate the Panthers, and I am highly considering defecting to the Chargers.
  7. So did Matt Rhule, and he will again soon.
  8. Everyone else does so welcome to the club.
  9. I think as he develops into a pass catcher, he will be awesome on some fly/trap stuff, as a edge setter, and threat in the offense. More versatile than Ian.
  10. He was talking about football operations as a whole to a question about how operations go. He was explaining that it’s a group process, not that he is making every decision. He wasn’t removing responsibility for the last two years from himself. He was explaining their process for making decisions. Providing support for a more communal effort vs. him calling from on high. Jesus, go listen to it.
  11. This was completely taken out of context from the interview. Jesus. Reporting today is so lazy and inflammatory.
  12. Did the Texans allow for Pep Hamilton to be interviewed?
  13. And he was hurt at the start, practiced once and got hurt again. We traded him to a team where he had DC familiarity, so he could just skip training camp. No big deal. Not a loss
  14. I remember this being a red flag for the fitterer hire. Going back on the board there were only a few of us pounding the table for Slater. Sewell’s arms are also short, but most people thought he was just a superior athlete. There were people who loved slater in their evals.
  15. All the talking heads rip him apart, so they better bring the noise
  16. Yeah. They kiss the ground that the likes of Newton and Person walk on. Lol
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