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  1. We flirted with this guy a bunch. Ultimate gun for hire. Never said yes.
  2. You’ll see it in the next episode of the huddle. Back and to the left
  3. And would be my first choice to supersede Rhule, were he to get sacked
  4. If this is a thing it should be made mandatory, and the NFL should pay for it.
  5. Keep in mind that almost every single player in Washington front seven is a top 20 draft pick.
  6. Sweet! Another 12 minute mash up of the same poo we’ve seen already.
  7. It’s a slant play where the ILB turned and delivered a big hit. Not every ball should be considered a hospital ball. Sucks it was Kirkwood for like the 10th time.
  8. The entire front office staff. I mean scorched earth type poo. I would immediately be a Chargers fan.
  9. Maybe mills was talking poo about Rivera’s transition lenses?
  10. Jesus it’s so bad. The coverage the team gives itself is 5-12.
  11. Panthers huddle. 22 mins of the garbage we get mashed up during the week. What a joke.
  12. That’s who the Rhule led team is for sure. Not just Rhule.
  13. I agree with the Baylor players argument. But if you bring people in who know your system it might give you the ability to compete faster… you can’t build a roster with your guys in 1-2 seasons… you can hit on good FA and back to back top end drafts… and hopefully it works. (Bengals).. it takes some time. We’ve lost more games the last 4 years by 1 score or less. Margin for error in NFL is razor thin. Need players to execute.
  14. Let’s say to play devils Advocate he balled the fug out, and we protected him way better, and played with more leads… now that red headed fug costs 25+ million as a baseline. The deadline and 18 milli was a risk they had to take…. But yeah it sucks. Look at the Browns and Niners now. Caught out in the open holding their tiny kungfoo noodle… it happens to people
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