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  1. All these flavors and you choose to be salty
  2. But he’s like 300K cheaper… (looks at Saints books).
  3. Hopefully Royce Freeman can come in and block, and run it in short yardage situations.
  4. He’s your dad, so whatever.
  5. Love to see all the nut hugging on Snow, when 99% of the huddle said he was a garbage pick because he came from college and coached LBs on a team that went 0-16 in the pros. Classic.
  6. He was literally held on every play.
  7. The only call worse than that one on Rodgers was the one yesterday against Jameis
  8. He hates doing media stuff. They should stop asking him.
  9. I believe the biggest weakness is not being able to cross the goal line with the ball, as well as the turnovers and the occasional missed FG or extra point.
  10. He’s always been legit to me. I’m a duck fan, he went to Washington, and turned down the Ducks cause he wanted a bigger city feel. Seattle vs. Eugene. So I’ve always called him big shitty. Comes from a place of love.
  11. He kicketh the can down the road, eternally.
  12. It’s not prevent when you’re blitzing. It’s just poor execution
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