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  1. I like how we porpoised along there at the bottom there for awhile before sinking to the depths of utter dispair to which we have grown so accustomed.
  2. I wouldn't say as much lost as he looks checked out. That is the look of a man who knows he is not there long term and has no concerns for the future as he could retire on what he is still guaranteed.
  3. Just when you thought this nightmare season couldn't last any longer.
  4. Think you got to give him some time. I don't see how anyone can properly evaluate the players he has brought in with how poorly Rhule has coached them.
  5. Came in not knowing what EPA stands for but assuming the Panthers were dead last in whatever it is.
  6. Hah, we screw up all those teams strength of schedule.
  7. Gimmicks like "triangle of toughness" and "DBO" make a coach look like a genious when they are winning. Right now, they just look like half ass tactics by a man that is in way over his head.
  8. Just sign someone off the street. With this offense, the punter is much more important than the kicker.
  9. I couldn't believe the 44th all time passing yards so looked it up and you are right. Crazy thing (if this website is to be trusted) is he is only about 40 yards shy of passing Kurt Warner, and if he averages a little over 200 yards per game the rest of the year, he would pass Troy Aikman. Of course with Rhule coaching, I think Troy is safe for another year. I worry, with Rhule coaching even Kurt Warner might be safe for another year.
  10. Tepper continues... "He's completely unqualified to do the job he is doing. I'm completely unqualified to do the job I'm doing!"
  11. Maybe if our HC was at home watching the game we would win?
  12. Man, not even the Panther's social media can win.
  13. Remember the good old days when at least we were good on odd years?
  14. But how else will we find out about all of the new marketing partnerships the Panthers have going on?
  15. You do have to hand it to Matt. He has learned how to handle the Patriots
  16. That sounds more like a record our offensive line would have set.
  17. In case yall haven't seen this little gem over on the Falcon's board: https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/4089259-bad-day-all-around-for-the-nfc-south/
  18. Yeah, this year hasn't been the same. Not quite as exciting giving a ball away after a field goal
  19. He was expendable. Darnold throwing picks is keeping CMCs workload down.
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