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  1. Spunks cost Horn DROY. He should’ve not even been on the field.
  2. One of the worst organizations in all of professional sports. But the players play hard, at least in the first 2 games.
  3. Really zod you threaded this? Do better.
  4. Yea that’s why I mentioned him in regards to Winston’s 5 TDs, that the media circus has over hyped
  5. Also, the most overrated line is Winston’s “5 TDs”. One was one of those cheap flip plays to AK that he had to Desaun Foster NFCG to get in and other two were quite athletic catches by the WR converted to TE(who looks like a baller btw). That being said, Winston had a very nice game and only made one real mistake that was an int but was nullified by a roughing the passer. I think we pressure him and maybe see those 2 of those 5 ints we got him for lag time in London.
  6. From what I’ve seen of Tremble, he looks like a solid receiver. And he will certainly improve. Play that man!
  7. Still not on exemption list, should tell you something.
  8. The Jets OC is a joke in over his head, hopefully.
  9. There will be 4 teams with less than 5 wins. And we will certainly have more than 5. But if we struggle this year, the first pick is good consolation.
  10. Not a FA, but I heard or read somewhere Dallas could shop Jaylon Smith.
  11. It might be fine for the Jets, but New Orleans will force us to make the switch. Start BC and Brown week 3 versus Houston
  12. I know right? Dude must have tripped over his coffee cup into billions of dollars. You should definitely give him some money making advice
  13. ***** situation in Houston. DW has not been put on commissioner exemption list so they have to keep him on their 53, come up with a fake injury and IR him or cut him. No organization deserves that more than those bums.
  14. Wow kid, someone put fire ants in your fleshlight?
  15. He is being paid top 5? Dang, what a terrible deal. Or is elite in this instance just a word that isn't well defined?
  16. Hard to take a year off, switch sides and be a rookie in NFL
  17. Damn, a honeymoon period. That’s some bad luck right there.
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