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Bill Polian interview on WooFNZ


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Newton is not Luck or Wilson, long term deal should factor in his style of play

Gettleman is thinking 3-4 years down road

Building strong D first avoids slings and arrows on offensive side of ball

Salary cap dictates one side of ball must be young. Math dictates that.

*this is all I could dictate while multitasking on a sales call. Somebody else fill in.

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Thinks Gettleman is doing a tremendous job of adding young talent and drafting

Panthers need to stay the course and they will be fine

Ron Rivera has done a tremendous job

Cam has to play at high level at the biggest times so we can contend

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Polian is bullish on Panthers.

Calls Panthers a great organization ran by people that know what they are doing

Definitely thinks we can and should pay both Cam and Luke

Cam needs to continue to grow

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I'm fine with building a strong defense.

But if you're going to clear out Newton's entire WR core and make his #1 WR a rookie in the same offseason that he had ankle surgery, all while heading into a contract year, you can only blame him so much for the circumstances you put him in.

Yeah we ended up winning the division and a playoff game, but those blowout losses should not be so quickly forgotten. One of the main reasons for those losses was the lack of firepower we had on offense. That's okay if your defense is picking up the slack, but that wasn't happening early on. Even in the playoffs when our defense had returned to form somewhat we still allowed Wilson a near perfect passer rating on 3rd down. Again our offense did not have the firepower to keep up. If our goal is to win the Super Bowl, which it obviously should be, we need to do all we can to keep improving our offense. The "well all we have to do is replace this number on yards and we're good" approach was laughable then, and it was even more laughable when we were getting shithoused by teams like the Vikings last year.

Yeah signing Ginn is a start, but we definitely need another receiving threat, and it looks like it will have to be through the draft.

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Polian needs to get his head out of his ass and actually watch Cam play. I have called him before on Late Hits and had a few words with him before on the topic and the moron couldn't even recall plays that weren't on a game recap.

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Calls Panthers a great organization ran by people that know what they are doing.

Hmmm, I wonder what exactly he is going on here? Clearly not our records/wins, or cap management, coaching/play calling

Unless he's saying NOW they're run by people who know what they're doing in which case I wonder how he knows that after two seasons.

Or maybe he's going on moral victories and players in which case we kick ass.

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