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  1. I say we force Darnold to take snaps vs MC to determine the #2 QB. Let's stir up QB "controversy" part deux
  2. Ok I feel like I haven't watched Young and the Restless in a while and need to get caught up. What are we complaining about today? Youtubers not getting free access to the team? Who runs this team anyways? Victor Newman? (I'll see myself out)
  3. blah blah blah [MATT CORRAL] yakkity smackity [insert being early joke here]
  4. it all depends on how your league is set up. If the RB gets a point per reception then CMC must be in the conversation. Our O line is improved, we have an actual OC, and a QB that can stretch a defense (Baker, obviously) Other contenders are Henry, Eckler and maybe Cooper Kupp if you're rolling the dice on a WR
  5. There are internet rumors floating around that Matt Corral will be playing Kang the Conqueror in the next Avengers movie. It will be an easy transition for him, since he transcends both time and space.
  6. can the dude at least take a snap or two in preseason before you completely write him off?
  7. Optimistic view: Yay good coverage without Horn! also optimistic view: this QB competition might be settled sooner rather than later. Sam is already in his own head.
  8. ..... she was being satirical and yet here we are, 2 pages deep in getting to work early.
  9. Jackie Lee is King of this place though. Dude is providing CONTENT. Thank you for your service.
  10. bah hahahahaha solid effing point. I would take Huddle whining any day over toxic twitter bots. Maybe Reddit is the echo chamber I need instead (the Panthers subreddit is actually decent most of the time) But the negativity in this place..... it's just too much sometimes. If we start having a losing season the Huddle is one of the first places I stop visiting. Why add to the symphony of negativity in my social media feed? I love me some football but I can emotionally detach from this crap pretty quickly when things go South (that's what being an Ole Miss/NC State fan will do to ya mentally). but sweet baby Jesus it's just the 2nd day of training camp and our own fans are just foaming at the mouths over nothing.
  11. my God some of ya'll are insufferable. Gotta scroll through 10 pages of this "who's on first" bs to get to actual news. Combined with the Corral stroke-off yesterday and wow I can't wait to see what random, mundane topic two people can hold the entire board hostage with tomorrow! ya'll are about to make me sign up for a stupid effing twitter just to cut out all of this unnecessary fluff.
  12. Screw it I'm rooting for Rhule at this point just to see how much crow we can all eat in one setting. Might end up being a new world record.
  13. Thank the Maker. Late July / Early August is the absolute worst time of my life at work every year. Training camp, and the hopes and dreams that it carries with it, is one of the few things that gets me through these next few weeks. Let's put this thing together this year and come out with zero significant injuries and minimal drama.
  14. “I took the easy way out because I felt I could play right away,” Corral said about his decision to play for the Rebels, per The Charlotte Observer. “Knowing what I know now and trusting my instincts and trusting my work ethic, I would have went to a place that would have made me compete.” awwww man. I love the dude to death and he played his butt off for Ole Miss, but I wish that he would have phrased this better. And I get what he's saying about quarterback competition in the locker room...but come on my dude, you played in the SEC West. THERE is your competition. Someone get #9 some media lessons along with his playbook.
  15. Rhule is following the "exit strategy" for divorce: 1) limit social media 2) lawyer up 3) hit the gym this is a dude that knows hes on the outs with his soon-to-be ex and is getting ready for the singles scene.
  16. I predict a lot of crow will be eaten this year. We take a big leap forward, and the rest of the NFC south grows more stagnant (Bucs fall back to Earth after Tom's 2nd retirement) At the end of the year, after being eliminated in the 2nd round of the playoffs, we will resign Baker to big money and the endzone is renamed the "Baker's Dozen" after how many wins he leads us to this year. (who else wants a big hit of this hopium?)
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