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Panthers - Jaguars Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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So much for Stew getting only 15 carries!   More like 40.

Here's Ron's comments in the post-game presser.


Why was Cameron Artis-Payne, not extremely involved in running game?

“Jonathan ran hard and did some really good things, so that was good to see. Fozzy played the role he needed and Mike Tolbert did what he needed to do. Probably how it’s going to go. I want to see how many carries we give Jonathan because ideally I’d love to see him get 15, but I know he was in there for about 40 plays, 35 plays and that might be a lot.”

Given how little Stew played in the preseason though, this may have been a good thing to help him really get into the season.  

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A quick look at the box score, we won because we won the turnover battle and we dominated them on 3d conversion.  Everything else was pretty even.  I'm sure @KB_fan can offer greater insight.

  • I noticed the positive turnover ratio of course, and the time of possession. 
  • Very few penalties. 
  • No points allowed in second half.  For now, we've allowed the fewest points of any team with a completed game.  
  • We scored in every quarter. 
  • 18 receptions by nine different receivers - that was nice to see.  We need Cam to be able to spread the ball around and not be too dependent on just Greg.

Other than that, I'll have to see if I can find some time tomorrow evening to dig into the box score / gamebook.  I've got a bad headache tonight and need to stop staring at the screen.

But best stat of all 1 - 0.  Ugly, but it's a win.  That's enough for now.

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The defense bent but never broke today. Very proud of that. Norman had the best game of his career. 

Cam did what he could with very shaky receiver play and some injuries to his line, but he – for the most part – made good decisions with the ball and placed it well, especially to Cotch for the TD. 

Losing Luke hurts so bad, but it seemed like Klein did an admirable job in his stead. 

Loved Rivera going for it on 4th in the first half and sure enough, not only did we get it but we got a TD a couple plays later.

So happy Jacksonville's kicker missed four points worth of kicks. A huge help.

We got a win. At the end of the day, that's what matters, and there's reason to smile.

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there were too many missed tackles, drops, and balls tipped at the LOS. The tips at the line and drops really killed cams performance. that big 3rd down and long conversion by cotch was made even tho the ball was tipped at the line. 

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