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Blue Jackets @ Hurricanes 5/1 Final Game

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3 minutes ago, Rocky Davis said:

Play of the game so far was Slavin laying out though and saving that goal.

True but he was the one that made that chance possible so it’s a wash. Hell of a save though. 

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4 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

True but he was the one that made that chance possible so it’s a wash. Hell of a save though. 

He did but unlike so many Canes d-men of the past he didn't freeze and just let the other team score...I remember those days.  As much as I liked Wallin and Kaberle, they would turn the puck over and be "oops, I did it again."

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    • Typically, only the elite pass rushing DT's get drafted in the top 15. Being that space eater is a very important but those guys don't typically command huge salaries or get drafted that highly. Like I said, I get the theory behind it but I think he was the right choice.
    • As long as it's not the old Panther's offense of yore where half our PA plays were just: "PA -> all go routes." With our speedsters not named Steve Smith of Keary Colbert, and Kris Mangum, or whatever it was at the time. Just a joke to defend and led to Jake getting crushed far too often for a massive loss.
    • I understand that as well. I would not be in favor of a LB that early. I am pretty much opposed to taking a RB in the first round ever. So I do get it. That said, DT is just such an important position. I just don’t understand the positional value argument I’m relation to DT. Because the best ones eat two blockers. That gives so much leverage to your edge rushers and LBers.    Obviously it isn’t the most important position on the field but it plays such a huge role that gets overlooked by the casual fan. I was of the mindset from day one that I preferred to keep Star over Short. And clearly Short was a great athlete but Star made his job significantly easier. A nasty DT makes the job easier for ever single player on the line. I wanted Brown months before the draft process had started for this reason.
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