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Let's pray these things dont occur

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13 minutes ago, Agent Blue said:

you missing the point.

it's not just missing on a high draft pick.

it's we need a franchise QB. there were two elite level QBs on the board and we passed over them.

that is a kind of move that will get GMs and coaches fired if what they choose to roll with at QB doesn't pan out and those skipped over players become elite.

Agent Blue,,  you have some real problems lol..    Your glass is really half empty  with your thought process of things that haven't happened..   While others  glasses  , seeing the same players  , are half full ,  not knowing what will happen..  You are what is referred to as a  " debbie downer "  because you didn't get your way.  

Personally my glass is not only half full  but  refillable ..    We are getting rave reviews on our draft..   ( unlike the justin fields  fans here who didn't get their way ) 

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14 minutes ago, Agent Blue said:

Any QB that is projected to go in the top 5/10 picks is considered an elite college QB.

What you talking about? I was for not drafting Fields or Jones.

I want to see what Sam can do with Rhule and Brady.

Sam has a crap load of potential.

Steve Harvey Reaction GIF

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1 hour ago, Agent Blue said:

those misses are acceptable as its a roll of the dice on day 3.

you can't miss on day 1.

No, man. If any team misses any player that is elite at any point of the draft. They should be fired. Plain and Simple. Just like your original post, we should know the future of these players and draft based on that and not what the scouts reports gives our staff. 

Rhule will be fired once we find out that Grant Stuard becomes a HOFer and we missed out on trading back into the 7th Rd with our next year’s first to get him. Yeah. Nailed it.

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