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Joe Person live Q&A

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22 minutes ago, Tr3ach said:

Well we do have a good idea how they felt about Fields.  He was there for the taking and they chose not to.

Well it's in the books now. The decision makers have to live with the ramifications.  Whether you sit on one side or the other in relation to the direction they took with qb we are still playing with fire without a firm answer at left tackle. Christensen has to be the guy.

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Posted (edited)
20 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Also as previously suggested, Fitterer and Rhule weren't sold on anybody other than Trevor Lawrence and Zack Wilson. And yes, they do have a lot of confidence in Sam Darnold, more than they did Justin Fields (which is kinda obvious at this point).


Did Joe give any specifics as to why the team preferred Darnold over Fields?

He say anything about what Sam is thought to do better than Justin?


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20 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Here are some actual answers, and there honestly is some good info in here:

Person describes Scott Fitterer and Dan Morgan as "cooking burgers and having beers in the backyard" close, so he believes the assistant GM job is Morgan's to lose.

Regarding Justin Fields, Person confirms that the Panthers interest in him was largely a smokescreen trying to bait other teams to trade up. That David Tepper wanted him was true, but he wasn't going to force it. 

Also as previously suggested, Fitterer and Rhule weren't sold on anybody other than Trevor Lawrence and Zack Wilson. And yes, they do have a lot of confidence in Sam Darnold, more than they did Justin Fields (which is kinda obvious at this point).

Said that the Panthers brass had really zeroed in on Jaycee Horn over the last few weeks leading up to the draft, but that if Penei Sewell had dropped to eight it would have made things very interesting.

Mentioned that the Panthers don't appear to be interested in former Bears tackle Charles Leno, or in signing a veteran for the backup quarterback role.

Regarding last year, said he doesn't believe Marty Hurney ever really embraced the rebuild (and given that he was on an expiring contract, that's not surprising). The end result wound up being kind of a partial, half ass rebuild that included signing guys like Bridgewater.

While attempting to trade up, the Bears didn't offer the Panthers as good a deal as they did the Giants (which doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's the Bears).

A few quick hits:

Believes there's a good chance the free safety spot could be manned by Jeremy Chinn...

Sets the over under for wins this season at 8.5...

Doesn't believe that Darnold failing would get Rhule or Fitterer fired...

Thinks the team could have "real competition" at the kicker spot...

Rookie minicamp will be next weekend...

Although I hate losing Luke. Dan Morgan has really found his place as a FO guy. Having him on the team will make us a lot better. Not to mention his legacy here. He's definitely going to be a GM one day. Also the Bears are idiots but honestly they got the QB they wanted anyway so I guess luck is better than smarts.

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    • Tepper could certainly do that without worrying about the cost, but I believe it would be at least a season too soon.  Especially, for an owner that kept Rivera and Hurney around as long as he did.  I see Rhule getting 3 seasons minimum before Tepper begins to get impatient. Darnold was a clearance aisle special in comparison to what some teams are willing to give up for a franchise QB.  If Sam crashes and burns, Rhule will likely get at least one more bite of the apple before being dispatched by Dave.  
    • I'm one to give us a reset on the back to back winning season narrative.  This is a new regime with a new owner.  The days of Fox and Rivera are gone and so should the whining about back to back winning seasons. If Rhule and Co. come out and have a winning season I won't be crying about waiting until 2023 for another winning season.  I believe we'll continue that success. If we start 4-0 It will give this team some great confidence for the rest of the season.   IMO it all lies on our O-Line and Darnold.  If the O-line gels together and Darnold limits the mistakes we'll score enough points to win.   Our defense is going to keep us in games and might even win one or two. 
    • I happen to enjoy listening to 89.  His takes are usually pretty brutal but accurate.  I think this is a next step for him and he'll move into the booth full time.  Hopefully for the Panthers. He is and always will be a Panther.   He may have had some wounds from being let go and he exacted his revenge on us.  Quite brutally in fact. His heart has softened and he is where he belongs. He'll be our first drafted HOFer.
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