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Game 10: Canes @ Panthers (11/6)

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There’s no sense in leaving your starting goalie in that you expect to play 60 games to get blitzed. Raanta should have been in after the third to at least send a message to the rest of the team that your play got your goalie ran off.

And my God get Jarvis up on line one with the Finns.

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3 minutes ago, Harbingers said:

I wouldn’t even call it hooking because he never impeded him. Just touched his arms a bit. Was a super soft call. 

Agreed, compared to the other penalties it was the only one to me that made sense.

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Just now, Darkseid89 said:

Agreed, compared to the other penalties it was the only one to me that made sense.

You know when Slavin gets called for the first penalty it’s gonna be a long night. 

I mean he was skating past the guy right after the puck had left. No way that’s a penalty. 

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    • 35 per day... ...very impressive!
    • I think we vets are tired of the losing man. I've been a member of the huddle since 2009. Been through the end of the Fox era and the end of the Rivera era. I remember everything that happened last year which is why I was optimistic for the season going into 2021. If we were able to be competitive with the poo team that we had in 2020, we should be much improved with more offseason and a better team thrown together with a new GM. Saying all that, there were 4 new head coaches that were in the same boat as Rhule was last year. Comparing our team's success to the other 4 new head coaches from last year, Rhule has been the worst of the 5. He is being out coached by Kevin Stefanski, coach of the perpetual joke of the Browns who won 1 more game in 2019 than the Panthers before the two coaches took over. Year one he went to the playoffs, we won 5 games. Mike McCathy sucked year one, division leaders year two. Rivera, playoffs year one with a worse QB situation and Playoff contention year two with our QB backup castoff. Joe Judge - not great, won't lie. However his team whooped our ass and he has the same amount of wins as the panthers in the same time frame, and his team is being competitive while doing it.  We seem to getting worse, and we seem to be getting worse as a direct relation to the choices that Rhule and his staff have made since his hiring.  If we were still 5-7 and we seemed to be competitive we would be frustrated but not miserable and disinterested like we are now. Instead we have little hope for the future based on the staff's past moves, the state of the QB situation, and our lack of top 100 draft picks in the upcoming draft.  I'm just ready to stop sucking and the current trend does not show this changing any time soon under Rhule. 
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