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NCFan’s post week 16 Mock Draft


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Some on here are going to be upset because no OT or QB is the pick in rd 1.


with only 1 top 100 pick in the top 100.  You need to move down. 
this team still has so many holes to fill.

I traded from 6 to 14 and recouped a 2nd.  Then down to 17 and gathered a 3rd



with the 17th pick

The Carolina Panthers select 

Tyler Linderbaum.  Center out of Iowa.

LT is the biggest glaring need.  But even though the comments about Christensen from Rhule.  Rhule has still played him here, and looked pretty decent so far.  Meanwhile, the interior OL this season has been historically bad.  Pat Elfein spent more time in n the Ground vs the Saints than he did blocking anyone.  Additionally,  he may become a guy they cut to open cap space.  Iowa has produced some good OL, and Linderbaum looks to become the next great one.  He is a absolute STUD blocker.  He has a wrestling background, actually pinning Bucs probowl OT Tristan Wirfs.  He has top tier football IQ for the position which is huge for an OL.  The Center is essentially the QB of the OL calling things out making sure everyone is set etc.  Some around here forget how Important Ryan Kalil was here.  Tyler can become his replacement 

46: Henry To’o To’o- Yes OL is the worst in Football,  yes we don’t have a QB.  But honestly.  But there are other holes as well.  Jermaine Carter is currently our starting LB and hitting FA.  I don’t expect him to resign.  Carter hasn’t played all that well, and is part of the reason why we among the leagues worst in Run Defense.  To’o To’o Isn’t the biggest athletic freak but is athletic anough to play in this league.  He has high Football IQ and plays with a High Motor.  Also known as a leader on Alabama’s defense.  This guy would be a day 1 impact starter for us,  and that’s something you want with this pick.

81. Jeremy Ruckert-  yet again, no OL.  Ian Thomas is hitting FA.  With what we know about Rhule and how he wants to play the game.  The way he wants to run the ball.  You would expect to see a lot of 2TE sets.  Via 2TEs or a TE+Hback which is how SF runs things with Kittle.  Ian Thomas lack of Blocking is not good and has hurt us.  Ruckert isn’t the dominant freak athlete big stat pass catcher.  Nor is he just a dominant run blocker.  But he is Solid all around.  He knows how to get open.  Not a freak but a solid athlete. Soft Hands and a Willing blocker.  Ruckert and Tremble would form a dam good duo which would be perfect for the offense that Rhule wants to run.

105. Lecitus Smith- Smith is a former HS TE who has made the transition over to OL.  He is a good athlete more the position and a aggressive blocker.   He has potential to be a solid starter.  Pairing him up beside a High IQ Center like Linderbaum coming into the league together could be a nice pairing

142. Emil Ekiyor- Emil has been a solid starter at Bama this year.  He has experience at OG and Center which will provide solid depth while has upside for development.





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As an Ohio State fan who’s watched him for years, I want no part of Jeremy Rucker. As much as I love the guy for his intangibles and coming back for another year.

He’s an absolutely terrible blocking TE. Incredibly bad. It noticeably affected the OSU run game once Luke Farrell and Jake Haussmann left. 

His hands are also very suspect. He’ll make dazzling one hand catches and then drop multiple easy passes in a row.

He’s got great athleticism and is a great locker room guy, but I’d rather someone else try to turn him into an NFL TE.

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I think that the interior line is where most of the bleeding is occurring--I see Linderbaum if we trade back.  I also like Smith (G, Va Tech) in this draft--both could start.  I think Ruckert is a hidden gem because he was not targeted often in that OSU offense with those three stud WRs...Nelson that late as T depth to challenge Christensen is a nice pick.  He was ranked as a potential first rounder early in the season; not sure what happened.

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