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This HC Rhule guy is just downright embarrassing

saX man

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22 hours ago, Verge said:

New Orleans had four different QBs and were right in the thick of the playoffs. Ben Roethlisberger is one of the worst QBs in the league right now but is playing this weekend. Mac Jones is not exactly a world beater either, but again, playing this weekend. Those teams all have something beyond the QB, and that is fantastic coaches. We probably have the worst QB and HC in the league right now. 

Jimmy G isn't exactly a world beater either and SF gave up three  1sts to draft his replacement, but he's suiting up this weekend, too.

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On 1/13/2022 at 4:45 PM, saX man said:

I can confidently say there has never been this much consensus among the fanbase in our history.  

This man is embarrassing the franchise, players & the fans who have paid their time and attention to this for 25+ years.


He makes Bill Belicheck look like he's going to a black tie event and his shaky nervous sweaty talk is the most unnerving horrible vibe I've seen.


This man is not an NFL coach.  

Please come to your senses.  


College Bowl Record: 1-3 (The one win being a shootout with Vanderbilt roflol)

NFL Record: 10-23


We've whiffed on:

Teddy Bridgewater

PJ Walker (Have now tripled down)

Sam Darnold

Cam 2.0

Joe Brady

Not just Joe, but gave up on half our your hand picked coaching staff lol

Derrick Brown

Terrace Marshall (Until I see otherwise he was a waste of a 2nd rounder)

Cam Erving

Pat Elflein

Dan Arnold LOL

CMC's Second Contract

Robbie Anderson

Missing on Slater

Missing on Wirfs and Wills

The Dolphins & Giants beat us collectively 58-13

...and here's the new info for this thread...

WITH AN EXTRA GAME, the aggregated 2021 Panthers starting QB stat line:

3,573 yards

14 Passing TDs

21 INTs

58% completion

Net yards gained per attempt was a 5.0 (The league average is 7.1)

We gave up 52 sacks


We are the trash heap of the league. Pretty please.








Tepper is making money...he don't give a ***!

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On 1/13/2022 at 4:57 PM, Daddy_Uncle said:

This site is embarrassing. 500 threads about how much Rhule sucks. I get it. Yes he does suck. I can't hardly stand this place anymore. Just miserable. I try to stay away but habit and boredom always makes me look. I regret it every time. 

Sounds like life may be more miserable.

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