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Quote from Mike Shanahan and why Matt Rhule isn't NFL head coaching material.


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If Rhule actually put the blame on himself, I could respect that man and may believe he could get better. The beginning of wisdom is "I don't know". That would be self awareness. You'd be capable of hiring people smarter than yourself to achieve your goal. If he can't see that he himself is to blame!? Pfft.

This guy is unaware. 1000%

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Rhule fell victim to the same hubris that many young/experienced coaches fall into, particularly those coming from college to NFL. They don't admit that they don't know what they don't know, and instead of hiring people do can help them learn the ropes, bring "their way" to the NFL believing that they can win "their way," experience be damned. 

Rhule made one legitimate hire in Al Holcomb, who had all of one year of coordinating experience. Adding a former HC to his initial staff, as well as another former coordinator or two, would have gone a long way for Rhule, but he thought he had all of the answers and didn't need the experience. 

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1 minute ago, Patsinger said:

How much experience did Kingsbury have in the NFL.  He seems to be doing alright in Arizona.

You either have a QB or you don't.

He had four years in the NFL as a player, which means a lot. You understand how the process works by going through it. I think the jury is still out on how good of a coach he is, but there's a big difference between a guy who played in the league and a guy who spent one year as an assistant to an assistant. 

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