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Brett Favre is an AWFUL human and I hope Pat McAfee WWEs his ass with legal bills!


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3 hours ago, Brooklyn 3.0 said:

Lived in Jackson for seven years. Mississippi is a sad story.

Lived right outside of Biloxi for years. Favres hometown of Kiln is 30 mins from my parents crib. Hell, his hometown is full of poor folks. 

My little bro went to Mississippi State, so visiting him is how I saw the rest of the state. Yea, it’s real sad.

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45 minutes ago, Cullenator said:

The only thing worse in the off season than the fashionistas that want to talk about uniforms and black helmets are the "hurr-durr not panthurs related" pack

LOL hate it or don’t, it’s been standard on the huddle for a while now as dictated by Igo himself. 


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