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Predict the first win: post week 2

Sean Payton's Vicodin

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Schedule looks like this: 

Seattle L- revenge game from last year.

MINNESOTA ?- Could go either way TBH

Detroit L-revenge ass beating from last year.

Miami L- ass beating

Bye Week (probably still find a way to lose).

TEXANS W-Maybe, probably close either way

COLTS W- Could lose, but see Frank winning against old team.

Bears W- Probably only team worse than us regardless of DJ Moore. 

COWBOYS L- Don't even watch it. 

Titans ?- Final score will be 8 to 5. Who wins is up in the air. 

Bucs L- Baker revenge game. 

Saints W- That one game of the year we go off for no reason. 

FALCONS W- Carrying over momentum from Saints just to keep the tiniest playoff hopes barely alive. 

PACKERS L- Heart breaking loss on some bullshit call because the NFL hates us.

Jaguars L- Make other plans.

BUCS ?- Both teams are so beat up by this point either could win.

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not every team is going to have the horses to go as heavy man as it looked last night

I noticed some disguised zone looks late (probably) once we couldn’t waste much time motioning guys but by and large it looked like a lot of just lining up and playing defense and we could not get free downfield

Yount probably did overcompensate a bit after throwing two ints versus Atlanta and wanted to protect the football, but down field was abysmal. Saints DBs were in hip pockets the whole game

i imagine they’ll probably jump up and surprise someone though when we don’t expect it. Face a team that isn’t as stout in the secondary and it’ll be easier sledding.

absolutely no interior push on the OL either, sure glad we got Corbett hurt in a pointless game just so Steve Wilks wouldn’t sue us 

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