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  1. I mean this is literally the worst franchise out of the big 4 since he took over so yeah lol
  2. That was 7 years ago, I wouldn't call that "recent". The best time during the Tepper era was Cam's return game vs Arizona, and trading up for number one overall last year. Bryce sucks but it was a fun month lol.
  3. They need to trade Bryce. I'd even go for a 6th round pick like the Pats did with Mac Jones. He clearly isn't going to succeed next year with this team and he'll be first on the chopping block in 2025. Just blow it up completely until there is nothing.
  4. THe only thing I want to see from the Panthers at this point is for them to go 0-17. I think they have a good shot at doing that. I know I won't see them win a SB in my lifetime so may as well root for them to make history.
  5. Shitterer is the worst GM since Matt Millen
  6. Fields isn't great but he's still better than any QB Panthers have had post TJ Watt lmao
  7. Damn I cant tell you how bad I miss this poo every Sunday
  8. Bryce would get stomped like a goomba from Mario if he were in that situation
  9. I'd trade Bums for a ham sandwich at this point
  10. Mingo was absolutely one of the worst WRs I have ever seen. Another Panthers 2nd round WR flop. Look forward to pick 33!
  11. yes i will be shocked if he isnt in next year it is bittersweet because i consider him retiring early as the moment the old panthers died and the teppolina era of dogshit began.
  12. He was a huge step back from DeMeco Ryans for the 49ers and their fans hated this guy. Wonder where he ends up next.
  13. https://www.espn.com/espn/betting/story/_/id/39504923/nfl-betting-early-odds-win-super-bowl-2025\ TLDR: Panthers are dead last at a whopping -25000 to win the SB Sports betting is being legalized in NC soon, how much are you throwing at the Panthers
  14. He has to get 8 to surpass Brady bc Brady beat him in the SB
  16. Panthers weren't winning poo with CMC either. It's not the fact that they traded CMC, its that they did dumb poo with what they got out of it.
  17. I texted my GF that I'm now free on Feb 11. I'm officially that guy lmao
  18. I hope they're people just stuck in a Jiffy Lube. I do enjoy me some PTI (an ESPN OG at this point) every now and then but otherwise avoid like the plague.
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