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  1. After they traded to first overall, and hired an "all star coaching staff". Now, Tepper could build a time machine and get Don Shula, 1987 Jerry Rice, 2007 Tom Brady etc. and I wouldn't care. I learned my lesson.
  2. He is the definition of a stat padder. Most of his career sacks are him blowing up a 3rd string o-lineman when the Panthers are losing in the 4th quarter 45-6. Fitterer is dumb as hell and the Panthers should have two first round picks.
  3. the alabama propaganda machine is too fuging good. look at how they made the playoffs yesterday over florida state just based off "narratives" lol. they made bryce look like some football wunderkind meanwhile he's throwing it into double coverage for no reason and looking like a lost child in a mall if bryce goes to any other school he's a 3rd rounder at best
  4. He isn't great but he's the only player on offense still showing up to play.
  5. Just fuging trade him for anything. I'd take a 3rd rounder atp
  6. Luke got out just in time, I bet he was the first person in the Panthers-verse to smell that Tepper was a rat
  7. He was smart to stay the fug away from this team once before. There is no way he joins this shitshow now.
  8. No I expect it to be like when Ron was fired and they had some rando being the interim HC and the Panthers got blown out every game.
  9. Honestly the good news is that he'll probably force shitterer out The bad news is that he'll want to be GM
  10. This man couldn't build a practice field in bum fug South Carolina. He couldn't do a Baltimore Colts like move.
  11. I had a very nice sunday today. Took 2 seconds to see that they lost again, what a surprise!
  12. Bryce spoke well during dinners. Same thing happened with Rhule.
  13. Gonna suck watching Marvin Harrison Jr. tear poo up
  14. Please Santa drop the Tepper N word tape in our stocking
  15. I would say that this mess MIGHT be worth it if it teaches Tepper and the Gold Digger to realize that they are the issue and to hit the giant reset button going forward, with them out of the way and in the background. But you don't get a billion dollars and then some without getting a serious God complex. This team is sooooooo fuged. This is the Matt Millen Lions bad loooool
  16. Then Stroud threw 5 touchdowns the next week and Bryce couldn't move the ball vs one of the shittiest defenses in the league then they brought back the "how dare you sir!" finger wagging nonsense
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