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On 8/6/2017 at 5:31 AM, jfra78 said:

how do 20 ppl get killed by a cow every year?

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Deliberate Attacks on People

In the United States, the CDC estimates that about twenty-two people are killed by cows each year, and of those cow attacks, seventy-five percent were known to be deliberate attacks. One third of the killings were committed by cows that had previously displayed aggressive behavior.


People know that bulls are dangerous, and it's true. When animal behaviorists analyzed 21 cases that occurred across a four-state area, they found that bulls were responsible for ten of the deaths. Cows were responsible for six deaths. What's really chilling is that, in five cases, people were killed by multiple cows in group attacks.


Group attacks can be surprisingly well-coordinated. When they're feeling defensive, cows will gather in a circle, all facing outwards, lowering their heads and stamping the ground. When they're feeling offensive, certain cows lead the charge. One man, who was attacked while walking his dog along a path, reported, "I fell forwards and rolled into a ball and every time I tried to get up they jumped on me; they were rolling me along the hill with their legs trying to get me to open up. There were seven or eight cows. There were a couple leaders."


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    • The Finals happened to be the Heat vs the Lakers the first year Durant left. The Warriors didn’t make the playoffs. You can’t rewrite history. The Warriors missed the playoffs AGAIN this year without him. They had Thompson injured, but damn near every team had injuries. So Durant left and they missed the playoffs 2 years in a row. Injuries are how we got the Bucks vs Suns Finals this year. No excuses remember? Had they retained Durant they would have been right there with in it. They also paid Thompson while he was injured and he got injured again. You better hope Curry never decides to leave. The owners better be kissing his ass as he controls that team now. The Nets went to become a contender and gave the Bucks a run for their money even with two stars injured. They made a deep playoff run. ANOTHER case of players controlling the team would be the Rockets. Constant playoff team making runs because of Hardin. He forces them to trade him and now look at the the Rockets.  I don’t know if Jordan is a good owner or not. He had some terrible drafts before these past 2 or 3. It’s hard to really tell anymore since the players control the league. Letting Kenna go appears to be the right move… 
    • Good stuff. Funny how people rag on one of, if not the most loyal fan bases  in football.  Something Charlotte doesn’t have. 
    • Rodgers will do the same. Maybe not the ring, but he’ll play for another team next season.  
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