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  1. 4 inches in Concord. I took my 3 year old sledding for the first time.
  2. He’s just a condescending little sh!t. I lost all respect for him a long time ago.
  3. I remember people bitching about Ron and his time management. The grass is always greener right. Ron just beat us on our own field with a back up QB that wasn’t good enough for our roster.
  4. Wow we are really reaching the bottom of the excuse barrel.
  5. Fix the O line then another hole develops somewhere else. Then everyone can go back to bitching about not having receivers, CB’s, etc etc. We can get 42 points a game scored on us per game but our QB wasn’t sacked once!
  6. I’m still on here. Just no time to post with two young kids.
  7. Do you know where the seats are? Go see if he’s sitting in them.
  8. You guys were praising this new regime a few weeks ago. Hahaha.
  9. I see there are still plenty of excuses for Cam not playing well.
  10. So is it more offensive with or without the Indian?
  11. Why is this so hard to understand? Kids still can get it in their system and spread it to others. Thank god they aren’t getting sick from it.
  12. Try quitting with Velo 4. I’ve been dipping for 30 years and it was surprisingly easy switching to it. I haven’t had a dip in 3 months now and don’t miss it one bit.
  13. North Carolina weather forecast.
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