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  1. Rhule: Wendy’s breakfast sandwich 2023: Bojangels Cajun filet
  2. It's always been Atlanta for me. Whatever happened to Ron Mexico?
  3. I never understood the Brenton Bersin hate. I know he was nothing special, but he was just a kid trying to make it. He caught everything thrown his way. I like pulling for guys like that. Much better than pulling for someone that never lived up to his potential talent.
  4. Both are a waste of money. The owners of these teams act like they care about social issues, but gladly take millions in taxes for their own benefit.
  5. Jerking myself off when the pick is announced.
  6. I could see this leading to a strike if it continues for another year or two.
  7. Yeah. That will work for sure. No one will jump threads.
  8. Cool. It didn't help that it was before HD. My guess is you didn't see him play live. Thanks for such a positive response!
  9. Relax guys. The draft is 24 hrs away and it won't matter anymore once the pick is made. Just pull for whoever we select. Watch a Dan Morgan video to help you get through to the Draft. He was the toughest MLB we ever had. Not as great as Luke but a beast for sure.
  10. Well the most important thing is he put the logo on midfield right? There is good and bad with every owner. Maybe Tepper will listen to us on this as well. My gut tells me he won't go back to grass unless he is forced too.
  11. I was all for CJ Stroud at first. Then the vegas odds changed, and I'm convinced it will be Bryce Young. The Panthers staff is better qualified to make this decision than I am. If Vegas has Bryce as our guy, then I'm ready to support him.
  12. So one player bangs their head one way, and another bangs their head another way. Sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
  13. If these helmets are somehow better, why doesn't everyone wear them?
  14. We need something to do. Draft is still two weeks away
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