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  1. I'm a tarheel fan, but I was happy for NC State since we still have the #1 seed.
  2. Reminds me of tripping on acid.
  3. Watching 2 quarterbacks suck is the only way this gets worse.
  4. Dude…. Go for a walk. You’re acting like a woman.
  5. Try Ace Burger in Concord if you have never had it. It's the best unless we are talking major chains only.
  6. Hey at least the NFL logo isn't at the 50 yard line anymore
  7. Could you imagine the coach going to the locker room and handing the game ball to the long snapper??? Come on man.
  8. I was proud of the entire team and coaching staff. For those still complaining, just go somewhere else if you can't enjoy the win.
  9. Maybe he can't see over the line??? No worries he is still growing.
  10. Whale was a stud. He ran over the DT’s like they were high schoolers.
  11. I’m sick of developing being the issue. We need to stop blaming the coaches, and realize at this level the players need to be ready to play in the NFL. If they aren’t ready don’t draft them.
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