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  1. Maybe he can't see over the line??? No worries he is still growing.
  2. Whale was a stud. He ran over the DT’s like they were high schoolers.
  3. I’m sick of developing being the issue. We need to stop blaming the coaches, and realize at this level the players need to be ready to play in the NFL. If they aren’t ready don’t draft them.
  4. Quick summary is the kids weren't going to high school. They were mostly kids that were 20+ and either got kicked out of high school or went to jail. The coach broke no laws due to classifying it as a religious school. Also the coach was a huge scam artist and scammed every one he did business with. He never paid a single hotel bill for the entire team and was committing school loan fraud. Then he tricked the players into putting it in their name.
  5. Unbelievable. That coach is the classic example of someone who could have been really successful if he had just applied himself in a positive way. He's really smart and a genuine scumbag.
  6. If we go 9-7 I will be very excited about our future.
  7. Maybe he was just nervous about performing the song. Just having him show up and talk to fans would have been awesome.
  8. Harrisburg Bojangles is still great. It's a newer location and I've noticed that it helps. The older ones always serve biscuits that are old and dry. Just stick to the newer ones and you will be happy.
  9. Georges and Carolina Treat are great! I’ve never tried Scott’s.
  10. Jeremy has been on a bender since the Superbowl loss. He has a moment of clarity once a year and gets the site back up to date.
  11. Rhule: Wendy’s breakfast sandwich 2023: Bojangels Cajun filet
  12. It's always been Atlanta for me. Whatever happened to Ron Mexico?
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