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2012 NHL Offseason/Free Agency


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JR said the Canes are out of the Parise sweepstakes because they would not include a huge bonus.

They expect an answer from Suter by Monday

Finally, they are still in the running to acquire Nash from Columbus but unfortunately we aren't on Nash's short list of teams so it is unlikely that he would re-sign with us anyway.

To recap today, we signed Joe Corvo, re-signed Jordan Staal, re-signed Brett Sutter, and re-signed Justin Peters.

Nash has a NTC, he can block any trade he wants to. He's already blocked a few of them so far. Must not want out of CLB that bad.

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I read that Carolina thinks they can get him from them, but that he won't sing an extension in the long run.

Just went to double check and he does have a no movement clause, so he would have to approve the trade. I just don't see him doing that for a place he doesn't want to sign long term for. I also can't see Carolina giving up what it would take to get him with out an extension in the works.

I don't think the Canes like semin that much, they might look at going for Ryan or some one similar to him via trade.

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I guess of right now, are depth chart looks like the following

Tlusty - Staal - Staal

Skinner - Jokinen - Ruutu

Nodl - Welsh - LaRose

Stewart - Brent - Dwyer

Gleason - Corvo

Pitkanen - Faulk

Harrison - McBain



Not exactly playoff worthy to say the least, so hopefully we can acquire a few fore pieces.

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Ive been too irritated to even come to this board. Put all the chips on parise and suter who have said no to Carolina all the while missing out on other great free agents. Shooting for the stars is great but if you don't think your gonna get them get the next best thing....frustrated...

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J.R. said we had a backup plan, but that was more of just lip service

He keeps thinking that he can get Nash to agree to a trade (and sign extension) if he can talk to him, but Columbus won't even grant the Canes permission to talk to Nash; so submitting and then re-submitting offers to the Blue Jackets does the Canes no good as players like Jiri Hudler, P.A. Parrenteau, and Ray Whitney keep signing lucrative deals and putting teams into playoff contention while the Canes continue to tread water at the nine to twelve range.

On top of that, the Canes decided to bring back a guy in Joe Corvo who they got rid of twice; instead of re-signing one of our best defense-man in Bryan Allen or forking over a little cash for Jason Garrison, Sami Salo, or Filip Kuba.

I'm not happy at all with the way this off-season has gone.

The Jordan Staal did wonders for our top six, but after are top six; we are straight garbage.

I guess I can be excited that we re-signed the Checkers captain: Brett Sutter, and Cam Ward's back-up: Justin Peters.

Thanks for nothing JR.

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We will not make the playoffs next season. We will be a bottom feeding team yet again. Bank on it. F**k JR.

That's got nothing to do with JR, its got to do with Peter karmanos. The owner of the Hurricanes not willing to use a signing bonus to grab those players. They did just spend a whole lot on Jordan Staal, it's not they aren't trying to acquire players. People need to stop being so dramatic and silly over this, JR is doing what he can on the team's budget.

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Time for you over-dramatic, over-analyzing fans to go into full meltdown mode. Suter AND Parise are going to Minnesota. JR extended Jordan so we'd have enough money to accommodate at least one. It's not his fault they preferred another destination over Raleigh.

Get Nash without giving up Faulk or Skinner and I'll be happy.

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