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Mini Camp Updates

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I'll start it off

@SteveReed_AP: WR Armanti Edwards hauls in bomb from Cam and tosses the ball in the crowd. May need some footballs before this is all over today.

@SteveReed_AP: Man, Steve Smith still looks blazing fast at age 33. Don't buy it if he tries to tell you he's getting old

@Panthers: P Harris just flipped the ball to Hangartner for a TD on a fake field goal attempt. Geoff tossed the ball into the crowd.

@josephperson: Rookie WR Lamont Bryant beats Darius Butler for TD in 1-on-1 drill.

@SteveReed_AP: Man, Steve Smith still looks blazing fast at age 33. Don't buy it if he tries to tell you he's getting old.

@josephperson: About 2,000 fans at BoA Stadium for last minicamp practice.

Will continue updating this OP for easier reading. 12:19 est time

@josephperson: Haruki Nakamura took the first team reps at S ahead of Sherrod Martin in team drills.

@josephperson: Looks like safety rotation. This series Martin and Nakamura on together. Godfrey out.

@josephperson: RJ Stanford picks off Jimmy Clausen. (LOL)


@SteveReed_AP: Panthers estimate 5,500 fans at today's practice.

@josephperson: Panthers say crowd is 5,500, including 1,000 sponsors.

@SteveReed_AP: Panthers rotating a lot of different players into starting rotation, particularly on defense.

@josephperson: Good crowd on hand.


@josephperson: Nice catch by Armanti on high pass from Clausen. (hmmmmmmmm) AE to surprise?


@josephperson: Two big keys to Panthers season.

@josephperson: Two big keys to Panthers season.

@James_Dator: Nortman bombing punts with accuracy #Panthers

@josephperson: Opening practice was this guy's idea. The one on the left.

@Panthers: GM Marty Hurney chatting with TE Greg Olsen


@Panthers: Smith and Green chatting on the sidelines

(Smitty talks to this guy a lot.... Hmmmm)


@josephperson: Wet ball drill w snapper @JJJansen44

(starting to slow down now)


@Panthers: Giant cutout Cam Newton heads might be a common site at home games this year

(trying to be like the Huddle)


@josephperson: Steve Smith cannot hold a deep pass from Cam. But he throws the ball up into the stands.


@josephperson: Luke Kuechly pick six on Jimmy Clausen. Cam Newton not even in the drill gives chase, delighting fans.

(lol @ Jimmy... Good stuff Luke.... And Cam is Hilarious!)


@SteveReed_AP: Rookie CB Josh Norman really making his presence felt. Doing a nice job on Steve Smith. And no rookies do a nice job on Smith.

(#2 corner... Trying to stay grounded, but that's pretty fuging impressive)


@Panthers: .@jjjansen44 showing off his red hands after a wet ball drill


@Panthers: The team signing autographs for the military in attendance

(Awesome, I wish I could have attended)


@Panthers: Cam being Cam

@Panthers: Cam being Cam

I think that's it folks... And all from my cell while at work because the Army "blocks" twitter. Hope this was helpful for those that were too busy. We should be inundated with plenty if articles this evening and in the coming days... Not to mention interviews that will undoubtedly be posted by IvanTheAwesome and FieryProphet.

I'm out

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