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  1. The good news is he seems to understand the shelf life of a rb and limits hits where he can. I don’t recall ever seeing him getting blindsided or stood up. And a lot of his usage are the dink and dunks where he either gains a few yards and runs out of bounds or turns it into a huge gain.
  2. Everyone is discussing him leaving but I’m going to assume our all-world player stays. The assumption was that he played limited games this year to help expedite the rebuilt. However, does anyone have any info on whether or not the injuries could be burdensome long-term? I assume the high-ankle sprain fully heals but wasn’t their talk of surgery at one point on his shoulder? If cmc doesn’t go back to the cmc of old this entire franchise looks different moving forward.
  3. This is what losing franchises do. Continue to make excuses for losses and ‘rebuild’. How many rebuilds did the browns go through? last year was their pass. Not my problem if tepper was dumb enough to keep Hurney way past his expiration date
  4. Source seems a bit suspect? Scrolling back through tweets he once had Jacob Eason as a better draft prospect than Justin Herbert
  5. There’s a fine line between the potential GOAT of nfl coaching and nick saban, Miami dolphins head coach
  6. It’s unreal that he has worked for the most powerful sports business in the world for years and has been the one to have the breaking news on a panthers event exactly 0 times. what do they pay him for other than to take other peoples news and turn it into a few paragraphs
  7. I think that’s one too many picks for my liking but I’d live with that. however, is a trade even possible without including teddy or we somehow going to have like $60m tied up in quarterbacks next year?
  8. Upgrade over teddy and I’m sure everyone is looking for the next Ryan tannehill. not saying I like it but I can understand the logic
  9. Would be a possibility if the owner and head coach already have done the opposite of what you hypothesized
  10. Pie just for talking about something other than the quarterback
  11. Am I allowed to start pooing any threads that speak about Watson without any relevant facts tied specifically to the panthers?
  12. Efe obada has less pure skill than probably 95% of the league but outworks every one of them
  13. There isn’t a single thing that they write (and try to make you pay for) that you can’t get for free via Twitter. adapt or die
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