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  1. Robby sounds grounded. I hope Aquib saved his money, because if he needs to make money hosting shows, he might as well just set up a go fund me. Robby is a character, but he's real and honest and I like him. and Robby likes Rhule..."he saved my life." also, those guys and I have different definitions of gas.
  2. honestly, between the DL, the LBs and Secondary....if the LBs are our weakest unit, I'm ok with that. We do need to draft some young talent next year, but I love what we have this year. Everything is set up for Reddick and Burns to eat well.
  3. One week ago, in his OTA report Zod said this "Sam Darnold looked as good as any Panthers QB in OTAs I have seen. Throws were mostly good and on target. Not perfect, but they never are at this point in the season. There is a giant drop off between him and the next man up."
  4. David Newton @DNewtonespn · 9m Panthers coach Matt Rhule showed the team video today of him sounding the siren before Tuesday night’s Hurricanes game. He wanted players to get a feel for what it’s like having a packed house and noise. “The game is still fun because of the fans,’’ quarterback Sam Darnold said. David Newton
  5. Joe Person @josephperson · 11m Sam Darnold: "We know that Robby (Anderson) is going to be ready whenever he gets here." Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg
  6. Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 49s Sam Darnold says he has not yet been vaccinated. "I still gotta think about all those certain things that go into it ... It's everyone's choice, whether they want to get vaccinated or not."
  7. Joe Person @josephperson · 1m Donte Jackson missed a bunch of snaps last year with turf toe. But says he feels great this spring physically and did not need offseason surgery on the toe. David Newton @DNewtonespn · 6m Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson on the secondary with the addition of players such as first-round pick Jaycee Horn. “We can be dominant. We can be dominant.’’
  8. Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 2m Matt Rhule says that the practices with the Indianapolis Colts before the first preseason game in Indy have been finalized. Panthers will have two days of practices with Colts and then a rest day before Aug. 15 game.
  9. Rhule again says he has no reason to expect Robby not to be here next week.
  10. Bill Voth @PanthersBill · 5m Brandon Zylstra is having a nice practice.
  11. Alaina Getzenberg @agetzenberg · 19m DT DaQuan Jones is back at practice after not attending last week’s day open to the media.
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