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  1. I agree, I really think if Wilks can present Tepper with a great OC and maintaining the rest of the big name coaches here he has a great shot
  2. I like him and as long as we don't quit and are showing growth through the year, I think he should stay. That being said, if he wants to land the full time gig I think he has to be able to deliver a legit OC. If he can bring in a big name at OC, I think he can keep Tepper from looking outside.
  3. Ship


    YGM DE with late first round buzz falls into the second, Kony Ealy DE with first round buzz who fell in the second. Something's missing with these two guys.
  4. They better not cut Kenny! If they didn't want injuries don't do live kickoff returns in practice with a bunch of backups who just fought the day before.
  5. This is one dumb move. I don’t even care about the money of it. He is a douche and won’t command respect. He’s not good enough. If fitterer is pushing it, he definitely loses some respect and goodwill from me despite an otherwise strong offseason.
  6. Nothing wrong with signing a Carlos Dunlap. Let him mix in with yetur
  7. All the CBs, all the WRs, both OTs, Chinn, Burns, Andre Roberts, CMC, Kicker and Punter.. Honestly a lot
  8. When McAdoo specifically said RPO experience is what he is looking for, the knocks on Corral from pundits didn't matter anymore. He excelled at what our OC wants in a QB, our OC seems to be a good QB evaluator, and the QB has some other intangibles that would lead to a good player. So, I'm big on Corral as a prospect for us.
  9. Corral is the exact same height and weight as Lamar Jackson. He's not too small.
  10. This team's inability to just draft a LT even over higher rated defensive prospects has been one of if not the top reason why we haven't had sustained success. It just doesn't matter about a DE or another CB or S or whatever, this team requires a LT and there will be one worth drafting there. Anything else is inexcusable at this point. If they pick defense at that slot with one of the top 3 LTs on the board I'd fire them all immediately.
  11. I really wanted him in the draft. Would be nice
  12. Ball spent a good chunk of the game putting up weak ass floaters and missing and dipping his hand in the cookie jar on stupid fouls. Bridges didn't exist until he got ejected, fug his max deal Terry saying how he wishes guys knew what the playoffs were like but couldn't hit a layup to save his life to start PJ at least was trying Terrible defense and passing all around. fug these guys, they're all soft losers when the big lights comes on. Borrego didn't do us any favors but it's the fuging play-in. In terms of motivation these guys should have it after last year. If you can't play hard for this game you just don't have it in you. No coach is gonna make you care more. Fine if Borrego goes, but maybe some of these leaders should head on out too and trade for someone who gives a poo and doesn't play soft.
  13. I thought I read Christian Wood specifically wasn't interested in coming here because of his past history here. Don't think I'd want him if he'll be unhappy here.
  14. I think Borrego needs to figure something out with rotations and it is concerning that we've been losing games that we should win. I also think the reporters need to start grilling him more on LaMelo. But Bouk is obnoxious and is digging a hole for himself. You're a rookie. You're not entitled to anything. We have two should be all-stars on this team, you're not going to be rookie of the year or the star and you need to get over yourself. He's going to make himself Malik Monk 2.0 with his attitude. Him playing more doesn't win us any games so I personally don't care how much he plays. Should rookies in general get court time? Sure, of course they need to learn when the bullets are flying and honestly he should be in Greensboro more instead of just sitting on the bench. This team needs a big man who can anchor our defense and can hit free throws on a consistent basis. If we have that, we win more games and we wouldn't be complaining about this. Hell, if we had beat the Cavs on Friday people wouldn't be saying anything. I love the guys we have, but we've played it out so far and now it's clear this team will be a play-in team which feels unacceptable. I'm willing to break some of this up if we can get a legit big man because I think we see our ceiling here. But I'm sick of Bouk and wish we'd drafted someone else.
  15. I don't like seeing endless Jets connections either but just because a team sucks doesn't mean everyone in the building is no good. Guys leave successful teams all the time and do poorly too. Glad we're at least looking for help.
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