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  1. there are plenty of teams with no talent who compete. players who are motivated can make things happen. it all matters. as a cam fan you've seen a guy who isn't afraid to be pissed after losses. glad you can read a tweet and say oh well he tried once. make the apathetic guys uncomfortable.
  2. maybe eventually bryce will blow his top and demand more of his teammates when he starts to realize their apathy is going to make him into one of the biggest busts in NFL history if he doesn't turn it around. stop being nice bryce!
  3. Duce has been a major disappointment this year. The hype was high coming off hard knocks and bringing some attitude to the offense and team. McCown? Doesn’t feel like we had a QB coach this year.
  4. There’s really nothing to do as a fan but lock into the 3 year rule, otherwise you’ll just complain and ruin your health for something you have no control over. With our first next year being gone, we’re on this ride until at least the 2025 draft anyway. For this season I’m hoping Corbett comes back and improves the o-line. Hoping someone can step up at LG by the end of the season and give Bryce a chance in the pocket. Next, I’m hoping Thomas Brown starts calling plays after the bye or something. Let him help Bryce succeed instead of misguidedly try to protect him or whatever. I’ll trust a guy from a system that took Goff to the Super Bowl over whatever BS Reich is doing right now. Next, I don’t think Sanders is healthy and I’d sit him for Chubba until his groin is right. He is killing our run game. Lastly, I’d be down to trade our 2nd for a WR. Preferably Hollywood Brown. Whatever it is we need to get someone to help Bryce. Like I said, we’re on the ride til 2025. I don’t really care about next years draft. If we do all of those things and Bryce can’t show something, then I let Dalton play and try to avoid giving away the #1 overall pick at all costs. That would tear the team apart. Then I’d make next year a QB competition and if Bryce fails I’m trading him and we take what we can get and just tear it all down. The end
  5. We need a WR1, the FO miscalculated with the recent trades, but they are correct in realizing we need a WR1. Hurts and Tua are different QBs with a top WR, even Burrow hit a new level with Chase. Josh Allen hit new levels each year they added talent for him, culminating with Diggs. It's as simple as that. I think Bryce can get to the same level as those guys with the right WR1, but we have to go get one and at this point that probably means trading Burns. I think most of us would be happy with a high powered offense in exchange for a weaker D in the meantime. Jeudy is not the answer. Hollywood Brown is the most likely to be a "bridge" WR1 until we land a true elite guy if we're looking solely at guys available to trade for in season. I'm uncertain about Tee, because he would command top money and I don't think he tops Bryce out like AJ Brown, Tyreek Hill, or Stefon Diggs would. Reich needs to be removed from play calling. Move Burns for Brown and a 1st or try and trade for Brown now without Burns and move Burns at the deadline for (hopefully) 2 1sts again to get back into this WR draft this year.
  6. Miller can get fuged. The bullshit with the gun did it for me but then he is invisible in the tournament. Can't have that with a team of guys who can't win a play-in game. He's not an alpha and if he's a Paul George? That sucks because George is an empty All-Star. Does nothing for us. Scoot has the mentality this team is severely lacking. It's not even a debate.
  7. I really thought Frank was going to be someone
  8. James Anderson who supposedly didn't like it here because Ron cursed too much
  9. Or that one game Brandon Hogan played against the Texans where he guided the WR out of bounds and made him ineligible to catch the ball. Genius CB!!
  10. If Young is the pick you protect him like the Saints did with Brees, which is with All-Pro Guards and Centers
  11. I truly think Thielen is a must as a vet presence and safety net for the rookie QB. He can still pile up TDs even if he's a bit more limited athletically now. No to OBJ who could easily turn toxic on a young QB. I think we add one of Hollins, Campbell, or Hardman. Perfect WR3s. Then it's rookie time. Ideally we could land a Zay Flowers, but maybe Hyatt or Downs is there. I also like Mims a bit later. Any of those top TEs would be good too. Let Marshall cook in a new and better offense and let Thielen hold it down opposite of him til a young guy takes the spot.
  12. Adam Thielen come on down!
  13. I barely remember who we drafted outside of Icky. And honestly don’t care. LT has been such a need and is such an important position that his success this year has been nearly Cam’s rookie year impact to me. Icky is a piece that lets us build the rest of the offense
  14. These were both great interviews. I love everything I'm hearing about the hiring and collaboration process. Love that Thomas Brown was a guy Frank didn't know but brought him in and ended up hiring him. That's the way to build a great staff. I think Frank and Jim both exude the kind of thoughtful ego-less coaching we want in the building and to grow our future coaches under. I love that we have a plan for now and for the future as guys move on. This is more of a seven year plan than anything Rhule put together. Can't wait to hear from the young coordinators.
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