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  1. People will be posting on here 10 years from now asking when Cam's coming back
  2. we are desperate for a franchise QB like any right minded team would be. We want as little time as possible between Cam and our next decade plus guy
  3. Hard to tell if he’s been ruined by a terrible coach or not. But a conditional 3rd rounder isn’t bad
  4. Would love adding this guy
  5. I agree it’s probably the best choice. Any new name would probably not be as good
  6. We just need a platoon at LT. If he can give us a few good games that’ll go a long way
  7. maybe gives us another chance after the foot surgery is done
  8. We have assets budgeted for a QB. Whether that's for Watson or a draft pick, we need to use the budget we have to get the best we can. That means moving up to 3. I'm not settling for the leftover QBs at 8. If we stay at 8 we should be drafting a different position.
  9. It's not looking good. But who knows what will happen. I'd rather get one of these stud CBs now
  10. The key is whether they actually cut him or not
  11. Let’s see what the Texans do. If this is true then they should cut him. If they just sit back quietly and do nothing then I’d expect to see this disappear. If I were the Panthers I’d be doing my own investigation while we wait to see what happens. I also think you can’t underestimate what a guy like McNair values. I’d bet he values his absolute power over draft picks or a player- even a star like Deshaun. He could easily have chosen the nuclear option here. However, if it turns out to be true then Deshaun will rightly deserve his punishment and likely be out of the league (for now knowing the
  12. Gotta think we have a team on the ground in Houston getting info lol. Drummond is basically our CIA
  13. I think it really paid off investing our entire draft into defense last year. If we got 3 starters from it with others in rotation or solid backups that’s a huge step for the team. I like the pickups. Worried about perryman both with injuries and what his role is on 3rd down. Very excited about reddick and wonder if he can be a Chris Clemons kind of guy for us. We need a little more depth with upside but I’m excited to see what this looks like at full strength
  14. Honestly the Texans get cover for moving him and the Panthers can strike while people are scratching their heads over the lawsuit. He's gonna get dealt at 3 am tomorrow morning.
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