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  1. There's literally no reason for them not to initiate the chant. It's stupid not to!
  2. The Bills have jumped us several times this same way in recent years. Yes, they had connections to our FO/team, and they know us well enough to know who we'd take. Too bad, that's why they have Dion Dawkins and we're still looking for a LT.
  3. Lol a "coach maker". The only coaches he's gonna be making are the bags on the assembly line
  4. @Verge Do you still think Gettleman takes Azeez? Seems like Phillips has the size he looks for and had a similar redemption story to Star quitting football and coming back.
  5. Why not just trade up for a CB then? then you're moving like 3 guys on the o-line.
  6. @Verge Any news on what Detroit is gonna do? Assuming Fields is falling and the Broncos are out on a trade up now, who else could come calling or are they more likely to sit and take Sewell now?
  7. We’re either gonna have Fields or Sewell there when we pick and I can’t be mad at either one
  8. I’m getting the feeling our staff has had the trade back convos and don’t like the price they’d get back in return. Therefore the Fields hype is coming out now to get a team to trade with Detroit, who seems to be our only roadblock from Sewell or an elite receiver
  9. I think the goal is to have Fields drop and leverage NE into Denver trading up with us
  10. I think Rhule just doesn't care about the media on the same level some players don't. He basically refused to answer most of the questions and everything he did respond to was pretty non-answer. He's probably working his ass off which is want we want to see and what his passion for the game is. Watch the video of him at the Senior Bowl. Looks don't matter.
  11. That signing sounds great but I feel like we might be wishing we’d signed him for more than one year
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