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  1. We have nothing to offer the guy. There's no quick fix to fix this offense, folks. The wr depth isn't that great and the sad thing is that might be our strength. OL is more like LOL, very little at TE, CMC was always a bad idea as a full-time RB as it was, and I haven't even discussed the defense yet. Ain't no way.
  2. Every home game, provided there are any brave souls there, next year should feature dueling "Let's go Hornets" "Let's go Hurricanes" chants.
  3. Had a strong start, petered out. This is where I wish we'd've kept Ned for a couple more seasons and see if there was any growth as a starter. Never been too big on AR, Freddie is mostly good but leaky, The Man Who Laffs is just not ready for the big league yet and Lyon isn't great on the big stage yet either. If only we hadn't used Ward so much all those years...
  4. I think any Panthers fan worth their salt is rooting for the Bills, yeah.
  5. One of these years you're gonna have to resurrect the old sig. ...provided the oline gets back to being worthy of being discussed.
  6. Rhule's mismanagement of this roster should've gotten him fired this year. Go back to Nowhere, TX, you unoriginal hack.
  7. what needs to happen to this FO: https://gfycat.com/victoriousthornydowitcher
  8. personally I'm focusing on the Hornets and Hurricanes until Rhule/Tepper start showing any signs at all they know what they're doing and/or Rhule is fired and the new coach proves better.
  9. If Tepid were paying attention he'd realize this sort of Titanic deck chair re-arranging never works well. Moreover, Rhule would have to become a completely different coach to even have a chance of succeeding. Cut bait.
  10. Make the right move, Tepid.
  11. I earnestly wish we'd've hired a truly offensive coach in the first place.
  12. This season died long ago. Today is the wake.
  13. The Hurricanes have damn near lured me away from the Panthers permanently. This poo keeps up and it will be permanent.
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