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  1. For whatever reason, Ginn always gets crapped on. Return game alone he makes the team. Our offense struggles without his deep threat ability too.
  2. Really happy that Lucas is getting another shot. All he really needed was more bulk and blocking technique, as he is already a skilled receiver with soft hands. If he put on 15 pounds he should at least be 240 now. Good stuff. I really hope he sticks.
  3. Maybe he was slouching. Maybe Jeremy walks very erect...
  4. I'm excited about him. A young promising player to groom under Olsen is just what we need. Also...that Eubank QB looks like he is Cam sized. Looks interesting.
  5. Fact: @SeahawkDude wouldn't know who Jon Kitna is without Google.
  6. I guess I can't understand every joke...I guess you were referring to our turnovers?
  7. We dropped 41 on the Saints...so I don't get your point with that first line.
  8. Give the negative people a break...we are playing like garbage against the Saints. I don't think there is a team we hate more than them.
  9. Probably based on Derek Andersons two wins last year. Not that I'm taking sides...but that is something.
  10. For as "overrated" as we are, I certainly wasn't blown away by the elite, dominating awesomeness of the Patriots last night... They were bailed out by a dropped pick against the Giants, and beat the Bills by 7. Now that is elite.
  11. Great read @PhillyB. Thank you for taking your free time every week to write these. Love the analogies and the way you piece everything together. I think you should write professionally (if you don't already that is).
  12. Lol at 80-90% of them predicting a Redskins W.
  13. Whoever designed Mizzou's alternative matte helmets should design one for us. How bad ass would that be with our Panther on the side of it...
  14. So far Ealy really hasn't looked that bad against the run, but he really is having trouble getting free on a pass rush, and when he finally does, there seems to be a second blocker there to clean him up. Slow start to the year for him but hopefully he can pick it up because we need him. If Addison wasn't such a liability against the run, Ealy's development wouldn't be an issue, but we need him to round out his pass rushing skills to take that next step.
  15. Who said this? I remember reading that. Ridiculous lol.
  16. I literally have no idea what to expect from Jacksonville. I just know they are garbage. Typically, I educate myself on the next Panthers opponent, but this week, I couldn't give two poo's..
  17. Honestly, I have already seen enough from Wegher and Ward to warrant making this roster. I see the vision, instincts, explosion, and speed in Wegher. Brockel and Ward both get their hands on guys when blocking...only difference is that Ward moves the person he gets his hands on. Unless these guys play like supreme garbage the next two weeks, they need lockers.
  18. Lucas can play. I watched nearly all his college games. I love that he is taking on TE. Shows he will do what it takes. He is big, strong, and has soft hands. All he needs is practice with blocking technique on the bigger players he will have to block at TE. He was always a good blocker as a WR, so I am confident that the ability and desire to block are there.
  19. Wegher has no shot with this line. Great Byrd sighting. Good two point.
  20. I thought the line of scrimmage extended outside of the field of play?
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