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  1. Thanks for posting this. I don’t know how many of you guys also visit the Reddit panther sub, but damn Mingo catches so much poo in there, and Bryce gets every excuse. Seems like inconsistent logic to me that Bryce gets a pass for the team dysfunction, but Mingo is just a bust. I saw inconsistent tape from Mingo, but he had plenty of examples of good route running…showing me he can do it. He was a rookie, and naturally was inconsistent with it. I don’t think we are dealing with Dwayne Jarrett here. I look forward to seeing him develop more consistency…and I hope Bryce can get him the ball if he does.
  2. Was about to comment similar. I haven’t had time to dive into prospects as much this year, but a dynamic back should be on the table if available too. Just add weapons. A quick hitter YAC back would be nice. Maybe Canales has a better plan for Sanders though.
  3. He’s a bust but Evero has taken guys I’ve never heard of and found a place for them to thrive. Who knows? Between DJ Johnson, Barno, and Chaisson (maybe draft pick)…he may be able to get production. Barno is my guy to watch. Even without sacks, he has value with his speed of pursuit down the line.
  4. No one ever mentions Woods and it’s criminal. Hits hard. Great instincts. Can cover. Safety is sometimes treated like the O-line…they are most noticed when they screw up.
  5. Not convinced he would have been as unwatchable as Bryce this season.
  6. I have liked Richards development and I credit him for making himself an NBA player. But with how poo our centers have been, we absolutely should have kept both Mark and Duren, with Richards as the best 3rd center in basketball.
  7. Depends on the definition of succeeding. Right now, I think his “succeeding” will be a Teddy, or a little past that in a Garoppalo level of managing the game. A mid tier guy who, with lots of help, won’t keep you from the postseason, but would be the reason you lose in the postseason. I don’t view that as succeeding personally. But his ceiling seems to be a guy who starts, but is always rumored to be traded or replaced. I hope my assessment is wrong.
  8. As negative (or doubtful) as I feel toward him, I also want him to succeed too. He seems like a good kid, and I (of course) want our Panthers to be competitive every Sunday. Your attitude is the sensible one. Can’t change the past. Hope for the best present. Make a change in the future if necessary.
  9. The issue is you don’t want the number one pick to be “anyone”-lite.
  10. Could be the case that TMJ was just unlucky to be drafted by this offensive train wreck of a franchise. Best offense was with Teddy. That says a lot. A ton of reps were wasted with “Chosen” too. Maybe he’s also a guy who relies on his physical ability, and that doesn’t work often at this level. I’m just assuming though. We don’t know how hard he works or not. I’m never a fan of cutting high ceiling players like him during their rookie deal, unless they are a locker room cancer of some kind. I’d just let his contract run out, and see what Canales thinks of him and if he can get anything out of him. Either way…outside of Moose and Colberts rookie year…2nd round WR’s have been ridiculously pathetic for us.
  11. Someone said Brady didn’t have a strong arm TOO. But Brady could throw that deep ball high with arc. Perfect deep balls.
  12. Weren’t we told no one would want to come here because of Tepper? The truth seems to be that a job in the NFL is a job in the NFL.
  13. It’s a damn shame how often players become the villain when their cheap rookie deal runs out and they want to cash in on their hard work. The salary cap is good for parody, but it also causes unreasonable anger toward players who need to make as much as they can before their bodies are broken. Burns is not the cream of the crop, but he is an excellent player. Words like “average” or “liability” get thrown around because of a trade that didn’t happen (not Burns fault) and because his contract is up and lord forbid if he wants to make as much as he can.
  14. Purdy made plays all on his own all game. Numerous times he extended plays, made back breaking runs, dropped dimes. Weak link or not, they lose today if he doesn’t pull poo out of his ass throughout the game.
  15. Bryce will get another season with no competition because of sunk cost. Nothing else. If Corral (a 3rd rounder) played all season and did what Young did, no one would be required to “fix” him and run it back. If Canales/Morgan don’t have a plan B, then the season has a high potential to be a complete waste of time.
  16. My gut likes the hire because our GM and new HC seem to be close and on the same page. I am indifferent because we were BURNED beyond belief last off-season with the “more years of coaching experience than America has been a country” sales campaign.
  17. Maybe. I disagree with my friends all the time.
  18. There’s nothing wrong with admitting ignorance. Especially since none of us know. It’s true.
  19. Dan Morgan is more than “assistant to Fitt”. If he’s GM, I’m fine with it. And yes, it’s because I loved him as a player. He was Luke with Horn’s injury luck. He knows a thing or two about the game, and maybe he has his own ideas about roster construction. None of this means he will be good, but I won’t pretend I know poo about any of these other random suits. And he, unlike Reich, truly has a Panthers legacy.
  20. Having a plan for Young is okay, but a forced marriage to him isn’t imo. Otherwise Tep may alienate candidates who don’t want to be attached to what the last regime did. Applies to GM and HC.
  21. Yeah the 2022 3-13-1 Texans were just stacked. Just needed to plug in that QB. Everyone was saying that about the studded Texans roster… They had a very nice draft, hired an actual coach, and most importantly, picked the far and away best QB in the draft. Losing the number 1 pick in week 18 was the best thing that could have happened to that franchise.
  22. It’s worse on Reddit. Everyone hanging their hat on “heisman.” That poo gets you drafted…don’t mean a damn thing once the NFL games started.
  23. Let’s let Bryce become middle of the road before discussing “great”.
  24. It sounds cliche and vague, but we really are missing consistency and culture. The right hire fixes this. Wilks brought the culture back, but I understand the argument that his ceiling may not have been good enough. That being said, we all saw how much he helped the team by being a consistent leader who held people accountable. Which candidate can do this for us?
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