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  1. As someone that has broken their foot twice. At the very least that’s a 4-6 week injury depending on where he broke it it could be 6-8 weeks. That’s 6-8 weeks of no running no conditioning it’s trash
  2. I dont see any way they dont struggle on offense. Their only hope is to make us struggle like them and keep it under 14 points. if the Panthers get more than 2 possession up or score more than 17 points the Texans they can go home, its over.
  3. would you rather be overpaid or underrated, its so much better to be the worse undefeated team than being the best team with zero wins.
  4. NFL offense have adopted alot of the ideas and concepts from the College game it only makes sense that that NFL defense would too. I don't think this is a bad thing, I like to think we are on the cutting edge.
  5. This is this what it feels like to have a killer defense?
  6. Jameis ain’t the problem, we are the problem
  7. yall always want to baby sit CMC, players play coaches coach.
  8. CMC barely played last year and is most likely as fresh as he has been in years and if you really worried about CMC worry about that questionable ass O-line. Panther fans are always trying to protect CMC from doing what running backs do
  9. who cares, we can celebrate him after a win
  10. they couldnt have put together a worse line if they did nothing at all. I dont know what they see in the starters but they are not it.
  11. I know people have been hard on Sam but I think he is going to be fine, he got some lumps but we expected that. its on the Panthers to give him a serviceable O-line
  12. this Oline is not built for success, its going to get people hurt and the Panthers should be ashamed
  13. The preseason is changing teams are doing more joint practices and getting their live action time for their starters during the week. playing time in preseason games is just not as important as it was.
  14. no one is giving away even serviceable tackles this time of year without some major red flags. this dude is most likely trash
  15. Im sure in this defense Reddick will spend a lot of time near the LOS and Chinn will be lined up like a outside linebacker and it will look alot like a 4-3
  16. not that this is going to change your mind and this may have changed with the delta but antibodies from OG COVID slow return to normal levels and only last for maybe 3 months. you can certainly get sick again, I have personally seen it.
  17. I don’t really know what they expected given their choices at OL
  18. if the stuff about Watson is even half true, people like that don't just stop. he is going to continue to prey on women and I wouldn't want someone like that any where never my organization no matter his talent level.
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