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  1. lol, jayz had to to a bunch of butt stuff to get where he got.
  2. There are 3 main types of insufferable people in this world (4 if you count crossfit): -Adopt Don't Shop -Vegans -Government bootlickers
  3. it's like asking Jonathan his opinion on zombie face paint but he is an expert on liking turtles.
  4. lol dude's channel is satire. it's great stuff.
  5. hmmm...what would the breakfast been had he gotten breakfast? That is the most important key to understanding this scenario.
  6. #dadjoke if power_tool = dewalt print("screw this") else print("you know the dril") superb_owl.exe
  7. If I just do my job at becoming a billionaire, becoming a billionaire works!
  8. losing all your money in online poker is a gateway to losing all your money in dfs is a gateway to losing all your money buying jpegs of apes
  9. Cam Newton Player Coach. I'm being facetious, but what if some owner just fired all his coaches and told his QB to just run playground plays and come up with shiz on the fly.
  10. What is with the long fugging sweaters man...I'm not a fan of the look but all of them be doing it now.
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