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  1. It's a sad day when I have more faith in Riveras ability to judge oline talent than Rhule's.
  2. Thankful we have an active message board full of loyal fans that are always positive and cheerful. We're not always perfect, except for me of course, but it's nice to be able to talk some Panthers football. Happy holidays to all of you.
  3. Everyone has a game plan until they get punched in the mouth. We got hit and folded like Glass Joe on Punch-out.
  4. After his comments about leadership and accountability, I worry more about wanting to continue playing for Rhule if we keep him and things continue the way they have been.
  5. Does he deserve to be first ballot? Yes Will he get it? Who knows. Voting can be so fickle and their voting doesn't always make sense. If for some reason they feel slighted by #89, they may make him wait. If they were voting for the guy with the biggest chip on his shoulder, there doesn't even need to be a vote. Sr is sitting on his throne at the head of the HoF.
  6. Because we gave up a 6th for him and no matter how he plays, his next contract if it isn't from us will net us a 5th round comp pick. Either we get a big win with him playing great this year for a 6th, or we get a minor win in the draft and move up a few spots.
  7. Rivera's player evaluation always scared me. Rhiule's scare me more.
  8. I always felt part of how the league treated him was based on his appearance. Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Wilson, these guys were the image the NFL wanted. Cam has always marched to the beat of his own drum. I don't think that always sat well with the commish or some of the owners and they rewarded him. He represented the younger generation, that's why he wasn't old enough to get the call.
  9. While last night was a shutout, I was really hoping for the Pats to win 28-3. I would have preferred a 0-0 tie but...
  10. The signed a FA that Rivera never knew how to use. Can't really say they overpaid when they bought a Vette to drive like a station wagon.
  11. What happens if we stick him on the practice squad? No roster space but the only question is if someone signed him would they be responsible for his salary or would we?
  12. What if we didn't say 2021 is better but still have some of that dank sheeeeet.
  13. Just think how much better that average would be if Darnold could have actually led the offense on some scoring drives instead of turning the ball over.
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