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  1. Should we start a fund to have Mr. hanky parachute in for the games opening ceremony?
  2. Just put corn stickers all over the helmets.
  3. I know they got boring after a while because I beat them over and over again, but I found new ways to keep it interesting. I started using only one weapon. Sniper rifle close combat is ridiculously hard. That said, I would love to see a new generation ww2 game that could allow the allies to lose. Something that would allow you to be Patton, Eisenhower, Rommel and devise a strategy then have the ability to play some of those battles. Some real time strategy play with some mission interactin.
  4. Think the Hornets could win if they could tackle?
  5. Gotta take a spin around the block before a long drive with the woman.
  6. I'm actually more interested in the 10 yard than the 40. It shows the initial quickness and acceleration in a straight line. after 10 yards, chances are a receiver has already made some type of movement and a 40 time is useless.
  7. The nfl is turning into a joke. Goodell gets to make this poo up as he goes and the owners don't care at all while they cash the checks. Maybe this year everyone at a Panthers home game should bring a boom box and blast some Justin Bieber. I know it can't happen, but damn it it should.
  8. Things that will happen before Shula comes up with a creative play. 1. Fat Alice will openly denounce the Saints and worship at the altar of the Panther nation. 2. CWG and Madhatter will openly denounce all political parties to form their own built on love and understanding. 3. Igo will spend the Panthers next playoff game taking selfies. 4. Jangler will stop stalking Hayden. 5. SCP will go to Golden Corral to get a good steak dinner.
  9. If Shula ever came up with something like this, hell will have frozen over.
  10. For a fruit pie, the flaky crust is very important. That crispy buttery goodness counters the tartness of the fruit perfectly. For a custard pie, crust is irrelevant. The crust is only there so you can call it a pie. Hard to beat a fresh key lime pie...
  11. He should throw a block party for all the fans with that $13 mil he got last year. We deserve something for all of this.
  12. Don't know if your kids have cell phones or not but tell them to keep an eye out for the van and snap a picture of it if it comes back around. We had that happen in a neighborhood near ours and the guy was driving around during the day scouting. Also, keep an eye out on the weekends and in the evenings for a vehicle you don't recognize making driving by on different days. Another thing, might be more than you're willing to do, is check the sex offender registry in your area. Sometimes there's pictures of them and you can see what they were convicted of. If someone fits the description your kids gave you, you may be able to show them the photos, though I would recommend copying the photos separately so they don't know you're scanning a registry. my wife and I keep up with the registry anyway because of our grandkids.
  13. After reading so many of the posts over the past 24 hours, I have an overwhelming desire to push someone off a cliff.
  14. One thing to consider is how they are going to use Graham. Even though he's technically a TE, he played WR 2/3 of his snaps. The common thing I've heard on the radio out here in Seahawks land all day was concern about him taking plays off, his lack of blocking, and how he is going to be used in the offense.
  15. I need a little help With staying hydrated. I'm experiencing a lot of cramping even though I'm drinking a lot of water. I'm trying to stay away from the sports drinks but I want a tasty replacement without all the calories and chemicals. I sweat pretty heavily when working out and I need a healthy alternative to Gatorade or the like. If you guys could offer any help I would really appreciate it.
  16. And I thought the line at the DMV was long...
  17. 5 yr/ 70 mil 55 gtd. franchise LT. Can't let talent like that walk.
  18. I use a combo of malware bytes ang spybot. Between the two, the cover about 99.9% of spyware pretty effectively.
  19. How many sacks did Cam prevent By scrambling? All those rushing yards weren't from designed QB runs.
  20. There are no words for the role he played. I have tried to wipe the prequel trilogy from my mind. I thought they were that bad.
  21. Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump James Earl Jones voice as Darth Vader.
  22. I realize he has been tagged, and what we would have to give up to get him, but I would pick Bryant. If Cam is going to be the center of the team, he needs the best pieces placed around him. That's why I'd pick Dez over Hardy. The thought of Dez, KB and Olsen makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I know it's not going to happen, but I would love to see it
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