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  1. Same. I stopped buying after Madden 25 (the 2013 edition) when they took out the ability to play with friends online on the same team 2v2/3v3. This year they brought that feature back and it was the first time I've bought it since then and while the game is a bit better than the last, there's still a lot of broken aspects of it unfortunately. But it's always fun playing online with friends, matching football wits against other humans. But ever since they introduced the mode and subsequently figured out how to monetize it, Ultimate Team has been the catalyst in the downfall of Madden. As long as the Ultimate Bums keep dropping significant coin on their virtual fantasy football teams, the quality and playability of Madden will never see the significant improvements it should be achieving because EA knows those clowns will continue pumping money into that scam knowing they'll be starting from scratch year after year as long as they have that exclusive simulation license. They do have a NFL license again, but unfortunately can only make "arcade" style games (think NFL Blitz/NFL Street). EA still has the exclusive NFL "simulation" license for 11v11 football games. That "arcade" style license 2K recently landed is the exact reason EA hurried up and pumped out their "The Yard" mode this year where they could try and get a jump on cutting into 2K's potential target consumer base. If the 2K product bombs on the arcade game, a greater chance EA will stand at retaining that exclusive "simulation" license they've been clutching onto since 2005. I'll be buying the 2K product religiously in hopes that the NFL ultimately decides to open up that competition again, then we'll see exactly how hard EA has been sandbagging the development of Madden the last ~17 years. Don't forget the Cardinals and Ravens too! Although I'm sure we'll see more Dolphins next year too with the speed that offense will have between Hill and Waddle. I've played probably anywhere around 350-375 online games so far this year and I'd bet that at least 85-90% of those games are against those teams listed above.
  2. Caught the tour here in Louisiana when it rolled through on 4/15. Was a very damn good show overall despite having to drive 2 hours (which I do for nearly every worthwhile show). Love all the bands so it was the 2nd time seeing Megadeth (first in 2012), Lamb of God (first in 2016), and In Flames (first in 2017) and the 5th time seeing Trivium (first in 2012, then 2013, 2016, and 2018). Have to say that Lamb of God absolutely crushed it and the fact they're continuing to put on this top notch of a performance night after night is a testament to how good of a live band they are. Was the first time seeing them with Art Cruz on drums though and while he's damn good, I still feel they'd be even better with Chris Adler still on drums. As a drummer, he's been one drummer that I've always gravitated to his playing style/feel and while they can find others to play those parts he wrote and tracked, Chris Adler is just irreplaceable to me. Maybe I'm just salty they parted ways, LOL. But they were my favorite band from when I found them mid-2004 through 2019 or so until recently being surpassed by both Meshuggah and Gojira; two more bands I'd have a hard time enjoying as much without Haake and Duplantier pounding the skins.
  3. Would definitely be the dream to hit on them all. Watson is obviously the big fish and the first domino that needs to fall. Also would love having Fuller to compliment Thomas and Kamara, I’m on the record here about our JUCO receivers we were stuck trotting out every week last year. Regarding Armstead, his deal is set to void at the start of the new league year triggering $13M dead money, so if we end up extending him before then, we should potentially gain cap space with that transaction. Definitely feels good to hear he’s apparently waiting to see what happens with the Watson situation before he does anything. I’m confident Loomis and Harley have a bit more cap magic up their sleeves though, but I’m sure it’ll be a wild ride regardless.
  4. Perhaps, lots of reports coming out have it looking rather favorable for us at the moment, but man we’ve been jilted by so many potential suitors in free agency in recent years, it’s definitely a cautious optimism hoping that other shoe doesn’t drop and we get left at the altar... again. But hey, that’s business baby; we all throwing our chips on the table and going to see what happens! Our sentiment from our fanbase essentially can be summed up like this… #FUNKTHEMPICKS
  5. My guy, I’m having enough trouble trying to keep up with our own 200+ page thread over on our board
  6. Don’t see it happening, especially not for the ridiculous price they will likely want for his services. Not that I want it to anyway, with all the weapons he has there and he still couldn’t pull it off. I’d rather continue rolling with Winston who was on pace for a 34-7 TD-INT ratio before going down, and that was with a makeshift WR room consisting mostly of undrafted free agents. At least this year he should have Thomas to throw to for a few games.
  7. Would suck but honestly that’d give y’all an advantage considering y’all would be acclimated far better to the time difference being there 2 weeks, even if we’d get there only 6 days before the game.
  8. We made it, guys and gals. He’s finally in. Long overdue. Just a shame he never got to wear his gold jacket.
  9. I mean honestly it sucks because I remember what that uncertainty was like pre-Payton, not eager for that potentially to return. On the opposite side, I’m glad he was able to come to this decision this early and not wait until late-February/early-March to make the announcement after all the other coaching vacancies have been filled leaving a very small selection pool of applicants out of house. Certainly grateful for the unprecedented run he gave us after the futility we endured before his arrival, but if he’s burnt out on coaching then I can’t hold that against him. Maybe he’ll be back, but if he decides to coach again for another team then they better be ready to pony up high draft picks AND star players if they want him. If Allen is promoted to HC like I believe he will, then Carmichael likely remains in his role as OC and we continue running the same system. Other than Brees, only Carmichael has that much of a grasp on Payton’s playbook to be able to run it. Ryan Nielsen (DL) or Kris Richard (DB) will likely take over DC responsibilities. Only way I don’t see Carmichael calling plays is if he decides to retire too (he’ll be 51 this season and he’s been coaching since he’s 23) and we hire another offensive minded coach out of house. I think Mrs. Benson, Dennis Lauscha, and Loomis will try to keep as much continuity as possible with such a big change as this. As for QB, I think they’ll likely re-sign Winston considering how well he started to look before being injured unless they can entice one of the big fish (which would’ve been more likely had Payton still been here, not as much so without him).
  10. Even though he’s likely the choice, still have to fulfill the Rooney requirements first.
  11. It only took 16 years of them reporting it before they finally hit one. Felt like Groundhogs Day every offseason with the media pushing that same narrative. If them reporting that news over the last decade and a half was a batting average, their BA would be .063 No, “rekt” is us not even officially having a head coach or starting QB and STILL being in a better position than y’all with Rhule, LOOOL.
  12. LMAO, literally the same hack reporting this tripe every single year. But hey, if they keep reporting it every year, they’ll eventually be right once.
  13. LOL, I mean I’m sure they’ll want to after that beatdown we caught in Charlotte earlier this year, just don’t know if they’ll actually be able to dole it out. Hopefully we get back at least one of our missing tackles, but we just lost our center to the COVID list (don’t know if he’ll be able to test out of it or not in time for the game but maybe). Also should potentially be getting Deonte Harris back after his suspension and a COVID list trip himself but our pass catchers leave much to be desired still. Y’all are going to totally kick our ass now!
  14. Man, I wish this offense could consistently score 20 points with the tattered o-line and JUCO receivers we’ve been trotting out there the last few weeks.
  15. Thing is regardless of what Tepper can offer Seattle in compensation, Wilson would still have to waive his "no trade" clause for Seattle to send him to Carolina. His team has already stated the Saints are one of the 4 teams he's waive the clause for along with the Cowboys (Prescott), Bears (just drafted Fields), and the Raiders (Carr). Barring any other darkhorses emerging, I'd believe it's between us and the Raiders presently. And likewise, friend. I pop in from time to time but haven't been posting much, on any of the boards I visit.
  16. Mac Jones was having to help Cam learn New England's playbook after Newton already had 2 offseasons and played the entire 2020 season in the system. Zero chance he'll be able to comprehend Payton's playbook enough to be a significant factor coming in off the street mid-season. Eh, still think Wilson forces his way out of Seattle and we make a play for him. He's not bad in a pinch, but Siemian just isn't the guy long term.
  17. Iron Saint


    Ah I feel you, that's odd. Most of the people I seen having problems had trouble just adding it to the cart. The time I had tried it, it added to the cart and I was on the last screen before hitting "Place Order" debating if I should order it and stayed like that for 30-45 minutes before I saw people commenting that they were sold out.
  18. Iron Saint


    Follow this guy and turn on post notifications. https://twitter.com/mattswider For the best shot at getting one, he recommends two things: 1.) buying a bundle (re-sellers usually avoid bundles since they then have to attempt to sell even higher since it comes with a game or 2 and an extra controller) making it even harder to move since they're buying the bundle for ~$600-700 then have to try and re-sell it for $1000+. 2.) signing up for GameStop's "Pro" membership (it's like $15 for a year) because when GameStop has a stock drop, it usually runs out before opening to the general public. People that are using bots to buy up stock won't sign up for a membership like that; they also email you ahead of time telling you when the stock will go live I signed up for GameStop Pro and tried it the next time he announced a PS5 restock and it worked. I didn't end up placing the order, but I was able to add it to my cart and go all the way through checkout process and all I had to do was hit "Place Order". I held off that time and was going to buy the next drop and I'm glad I did because then the hurricane hit so I'll have to hold off a bit longer. He usually does a livestream on YouTube during these drops and is trying himself and you'll see people commenting saying it worked and all and people tweeting him their order confirmations.
  19. Iron Saint

    Legion of Boom

    Steve Spagnuolo says "hold my beer", he and the Chiefs trying to best his own record he set in 2012. Either one of them can have it, as long as my Saints don't have it anymore. LOL
  20. That's my thought as well, what is there to gain by making a claim like that in private if it's entirely false? To blow off steam? Especially considering he wasn't even close to coming out of retirement at the time, so it's not like he been on the Rams coaching staff and had a dog in the fight. Not true, he was projected a 4th-5th rounder on the NFL's own page and pre-Combine/before he came out, was projected to go as high as in the 3rd round according to CBS. The NFL even sent a camera crew to his house (something they only did for players drafted in the first 4 rounds) because they were anticipating him getting drafted. When he began to fall hard, the league couldn't have him go undrafted as they proceeded to show a live look-in to his living room every time a DE not named Michael Sam was drafted and simultaneously look like a bunch of bigots causing them to miss out on the revenue from the LGBT-community potentially looking to buy his jersey. The NFL says money is money. Concur, the NFL has proven time again that they will discredit or outright suppress any information they feel will affect their bottom-line. If they feel a particular situation has the potential to harm that revenue stream, they'll get out in front of it if they can and do the damage control they can. Contrarily, if they're confident it won't get out, they'll suppress it entirely. The Ray Rice elevator video is a prime example of both aspects of that; they had the video in the league office and still only gave him a 2-game suspension because: a.) they were confident it wouldn't get leaked since they had it in their possession so they issued a "harsh" sentence and released a statement about a "zero tolerance policy" regarding domestic abuse-blah-blah-blah, and b.) having Rice on the field for 14-games and potentially winning "Comeback Player of the Year" after an injury-riddled 2013 season was a win-win for all parties involved. Then TMZ still got their hands on it, it blew up in their faces and sent the league scrambling to put out the fires. There even being a shred of credible evidence to that claim is part of the reason I think they're refusing to release all the email evidence they have. If any information of the league incentivizing/outright forcing the Rams to use a draft pick to select Sam gets out, it will permanently tarnish the league's relationship with the LGBT-community and all the "goodwill" earned from ousting "that bigot" Gruden will dissipate and generate far more controversy for the league than anything Gruden ever said. Keep in mind, at this same time Kroenke was in the midst of an ongoing battle in attempts to move the team out of St. Louis and to Los Angeles, which only ~8 months later he announces he's teaming up with a capital group to build a 70,000-seat stadium in Inglewood and another year later was approved to relocate. Potentially a bit of a "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" between the league and Kroenke.
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